Mesh Network - Is It The Wi-Fi Improvement Tool That You Were Looking For

Everybody enjoys having a steady internet connection at their premises. Having a Wi-Fi connection is almost as fundamental as having access to electricity or plumbing. Can you survive a day without Wi-Fi? Most people require the Internet to conduct their businesses, purchase household items as well as catch up with friends and family.


In as much as the importance of Wi-Fi can’t be understated, it’s quite unfortunate that there are times when a glitch can occur. Have you experienced these problems? You are in luck! Below are some tips that you can implement to make the most out of your home network while avoiding slow loading time.

Place the router in a central location

Did you know that the Wi-Fi signal becomes weaker the more a person moves away from the router? You ought to find a central location within your home where you can install the router. There are times where this isn’t possible, depending on where the internet provider brings the connection. 

However, if you don’t mind the Wi-Fi router staying on a countertop, you must keep it in an open place. Avoid hiding the rooter behind filing cabinets as well as bookcases as it can weaken the signal. 

Invest in a mesh network

For you to enjoy a steady connection, you ought to invest in a mesh Wi-Fi system. You can make compassion between Velop vs Orbi, among others. It’s a chance to have a group of systems that communicate wirelessly to come up with a single connected Wi-Fi network in a large area. It will enable you to have multiple sources of powerful Wi-Fi all through your premises.

It’s a unique opportunity to solve the problem of having a single router relegated in the corner of the house. A mesh network allows one to have a single seamless system that offers consistent, reliable Wi-Fi coverage among all connected devices within a home.

Use the latest router

Do you have a pre-existing router of more than 3 or 4 years? You have to check to ensure it supports the 5GHz Wi-Fi signal. There exist older routers that support 2.4GHz sign, thus making it challenging to have a stronger signal. If you have an older router, you can choose to upgrade your device to the latest model, which is at least an 802.11 ac system to enable you to use 5GHz frequency. The more the lanes, the higher the speed limits that you can enjoy.

Have your network protected

Having an open system is always convenient as one doesn’t have to deal with complicated passwords while logging into the system. However, it makes your network system accessible to anyone. It thus compromises the network, connected devices, and data. You ought to choose a secure password connection to prevent every person from joining the web, as could result in the system slowing down.  

When investing in a good home Wi-Fi network, you must compare various mesh Wi-Fi networks. Take a look at Velop vs Orbi to choose which suits your needs. After that, you can select the tips stated above to make the most of your Wi-Fi network connection. 

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