GIFs and MEMEs are all everyone is talking about. They are a funny and quick way to share information, jokes, and even political views; however, when it comes to finding the right GIF app, the 1000s of choices can make choosing the app that works best for you quite tricky. Are you interested in being able to create your own GIFs, or maybe you want a library where you can quickly access saved GIFs to show friends? Either way, read these three hacks below to answer these questions and others!

Search your favorite GIFs

If you like to look through GIFs as a way to pass your free time, looking for an app that has an extensive library of premade GIFs is an excellent way to start. Finding an app that lets you search by category is perfect for narrowing down your search results so you can see more GIFs you love. If you tend to like a specific group of GIFs, say 90s meme then there are apps dedicated to particular categories. Using a category-specific app lets you save time by skipping the search process, and with just one click, you are looking at all of your favorite gif categories. If you a big fan of tried and true GIFs, then use an app that only shows the most popular and well-liked GIFs to make sure you don’t waste time sorting through hundreds of new and unproven GIFs!

Create GIFs From Scratch

Sometimes you can find a gif that describes precisely what you want to say. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that let you easily create your own gif from scratch! Not a photo editing pro? No need to worry there are tons of gif creating apps with simple features that make the gif creating process intuitive and easy to quickly add text over any looping video in its library! These simple apps help keep you from getting stuck trying to figure out complicated features that aren’t necessary for the gif creating process.

IF you would like to add more features besides just plain text, other slightly more complex gif editors allow you to add text that fades in and out or has a funny transaction, which means you can put that much more personality into the creation of your GIFs.

10 Apps for Finding GIFs

While writing this article, I came across a great list of gif creating apps that features everything from existing gif libraries to apps that allow you to create your very own GIFs. This list is a great place to start to figure out what kind of gif apps you like, so you can focus more on looking at or creating GIFs!

Sharing Your GIFs

What’s the fun of spending hours looking at or making your own GIFs if no one else gets to see them too? Finding an app that allows you to share your favorite GIFs with friends or strangers easily makes it all that much betters. Find an app that lets you share GIFs that are easily viewed from any platform, whether it be iPhone or Andriod.

Other apps make it easy to upload your gif to popular gif websites that allow people to see your GIFs on the world wide web and make your GIFs gifts to the world! These apps let you upload your gif in a variety of different formats and sizes so more people can easily see it online. If you are ready to upload your gif but think it needs just a little something extra, you may want to look for gif animator app that lets your app a few finishing touches to your creation!


So now that you have these three tips under your belt, it’s time to get out there and get creating! If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating A-1 GIFs in no time!


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