Home is the warmest place for each of us. Lighting will make the home more warm. Normally, we are using more pendants lamps, floor lamps, down lights, track lights and table lamps. But you need to think about some other technique lamps, just like led light strips. It can make your room more modern feeling and add more function for you to control the light.

15 Best ways to light your home with led light strips 4

It is flexible, power saving, can fit almost everywhere at home. Some place that the traditional light cannot easy install just like behind the shelf or under the bad. It is small place and not safe for high voltage lamp. Remote control led strip light is the right choice.

Let’s see how is the best ways to light up our home with led strip lights.

Light up your bathroom with led light strips

Bathroom is one of the place we are using more time there. Better lighting will let us feel relax and safe.

When we are using led strip light there, one of the important is we need to use waterproof led light strips. Then the water can not damage the strip light.

Strip light using under vanities and behind mirrors

Backlight your mirror or light up the underside of your floating vanity to give your mirror a glowing, luxurious vibe.

Strip light using around bathtubs

Strip light is DC12V, it is safe. Strip light using around the bathtubs will give relax atmosphere.

Light up your kitchen with led light strips

That is the place where most of the living happens. Cooking meals, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, entertaining guests. Not matter in the daytime or evening, good lighting environment will better for you to work there.

Strip light using under cabinets, above splash backs

Normally, kitchen not a very big place. panel light, down light provide good overall visibility. Led strip light can help to improve the lighting under the cabinet. Then you can safely prepare your food and doing some work under cabinet. Led light strip using with cabinet led aluminum profile will a better choose in cabinet lighting.

Strip light using inside cabinets

Use it on shelves inside dark cabinets and pantries to make it easier to look for the ingredients you need. Led aluminum profile also a good lighting material for cabinets.

Strip light using on open shelves

If you have open shelves, use strip lighting to showcase your favourite cook books, collectibles, glassware, dinnerware or artwork. Led aluminum channel give a better housing for strip light. With led sensor, it can turn on the light when you open the door. And turn off when the door closed.

Strip light using in kitchen island and kickers

When you place strip lights in the recess between your kitchen island and floor, you can create a glamorous floating effect. Functionally, when you combine this with strips around kitchen kickers, it helps light up a pathway for enhanced safety.

Light up your living room with light strips

That is the place where you can watching TV, reading books or meet with your friends. The the lighting is one of the important things you need to think about.

What material we need to install led light strip:

Led light strip is one of the simple lighting material. It need led power supply, LED light strip. You just need to follow the install guide and step by step. Then you can easy install the light strips.

Strip light using in ceiling coverings or cornices

Led light strips works very good to highlight architectural details in the ceiling. You can use warm white or nature white in your living room. It will feel good. Or you can install RGB strip light then can change colors.

Strip light using in stairways

It is a great idea to design a stairway by adding led strips under the steps. There are many very good ideas of using led strip light in stairways. We have stairway led aluminum profile for choose. You can easy find some of them in google.

Strip light using in furniture

We can use led strip light to illuminate our sofas or armchairs or tables. That will sense of science and technology.

Strip light using in picture frames

Any artwork or paintings can also enjoy the limelight with their own strips. So Let your memories glow by adding LED strips to your photo frames.

Light up your bedroom with led light strips

For bedroom we can use warm white led strip light. It can feel warm. And with a dimmable power supply. You can dim the led light strips in different brightness level.

Strip light using under beds and behind bed-heads

Led light strip under the bed can help you find the way during the night without waking up your family. With led sensor, it can turn on/off automate. Then when you wake up in the evening, it will convenience for you to walk around. And it can use different brightness level. Not so brightness.

Strip light using above feature walls or in ceiling cornices

If you have a feature wall or intricate patterns on your ceiling cornices that you’d like to highlight, strip lighting can do the job.

Strip light using in wardrobes

Whether it’s a built-in robe or a walk-in wardrobe, strip lighting makes getting dressed classy. Also. it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for when you can see what you’re looking for.

Light up your outdoor area with led light strips

In courtyard you won’t see the strip lights during the day, but at night when they’re turned on, the magic happens.

Strip light using awnings or backyard veranda roofs

Get creative! Use strip lights around the awning or roof of your veranda, balcony or even around your sun umbrellas and outdoor furniture.

Strip light using in step treads, pathways and railings

Linger longer in your backyard and enjoy the outdoors at night with strip lighting that creates an irresistible ambience. Use it to highlight steps, deck railings or your rear veranda.

How to choose right led light strips?

Now you know where to use the led light strips around our home. You have to know how to choose the right led strip light for the right place.

Normally, bedroom need warm white color. Living room, kitchen, bathroom better using nature white. And for the outside you can use color change led light strips.

For waterproof led light strips, you can use where the place easy get wet. And the power supply also need waterproof. Then the strip light can use in longer time.

You can also select right led sensor, led aluminum profile for decoration. Then you will have better ideas for lighting function.


Led light strips is a very good lighting material. It is easy to use and very good effect. You can use strip light to creating a better home.



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