In today’s digital world, remote working has been the trend to manage work operations. According to a report by the US census, nearly 5.2% of U.S. people worked remotely in 2017. The reason to adopt this working model is simple. It allows employees the flexibility and freedom to work, while boosting productivity.

But, is working from home perfect to improve productivity? The answer is No. Remote working has its own unique challenges that affect employee productivity. In this article, we’ll share 11 amazing ways to be productivity when working from home and overcome those challenges. Let’s delve deep into it.

Challenge 1: Feeling of loneliness

Working from home involves spending all day alone on your desk for long hours which might make you focus on core work, but it can make you feel totally isolated and may also hold you back with less productivity.

Focus on the possible solution and make sure you socialize.   Working amidst people in areas such as cafes, libraries, or other social spots can make a great place to stay pleasant in a stimulating environment. On the other hand, renting a co-working space is an excellent idea for employees who have no option to work from home.

Challenge 2: Interruptions while working

If you’re working from the office, there are fewer chances of interruptions. But at home, you probably might face major problems with power outages, family members, household works, and much more. All these issues affect you from doing work and might distract you minimizing productivity.

Developing an office-like environment might be the trick here. Employees who use co-working spaces see their work as meaningful. You can likewise incorporate an uninterrupted backup power supply for this environment.

 Challenge 3: Company environment

Corporate culture is full of employees with diverse mindsets, races, and cultures. Daily work life is excited with new opportunities to learn, exchange thoughts, and, most of all ideas, rejoice celebrations etc. Furthermore, employee productivity is encouraged by people around you, while it’s not possible when working remotely.

In any case, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some good times working from home. Despite you still have your family members and companions who can enjoy with you, go on trips, or share their memories. You simply need to plan it and invest some quality time with them.

Challenge 4: Communication

When it comes to communication with a remote worker, there are lots of challenges that you might face. For example, you might sometimes miss all the video conferences, phone calls, and meetings in office resulting in communication breakdown.

You need to find a solution and incorporate collaboration software into workplace to bridge the gap, keeping team members in loop

Challenge 5: Time management

The importance of time management plays a key role in work from home. It is because here, you don’t have anybody to assist you with struggling deadlines and keep you motivated, ensuring your productivity is kept to maximum. Furthermore, work life balance should be in harmony with both personal and professional life simultaneously.

Planning and scheduling can be favorable here. You can schedule a plan for the working hours, family hours, and other aspects to be successful. You can utilize the time tracking software like to create your activity and develop a working schedule in a much simpler way.

Challenge 6: Dependency

It is obvious that in remote working, we rely on clients and employers for the works. Consequently, it comes as an instance when you will have beyond what you can deal with, and somewhere you will have nothing to do by any means. Adjusting them can get extremely troublesome, but certainly, there are approaches to do it.

For instance, you can negotiate with the client requesting a deadline extension during the haste. Talk to them directly if you are over stacked with work, because you may make more mistakes if you rushup, resulting in less productivity.

Challenge 7: Knowledge sharing

Workplaces offer a platform for sharing ideas and collaborating with others who can help with it. It is not possible, when working from home. There is very limited chances of learning new things or growing your creative abilities.

The best way to improve this circumstance is to collaborate with colleagues. Enhance overall employee productivity through chat based application, or schedule video conference calls for exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Challenge 8: Time Zone difference

One of the biggest challenges faced while working remotely is to adjust your work timing with clients. It is usual that active collaboration with clients seems to be rare while working remotely or either you have to wait for long hours for every queries. So that only many software and time tracking app are used to overcome such difficulties.

This can certainly disturb your work schedule. Hence, prefer clients who work in a similar time region.  Time zone coverage is just something that’s possible by fixing the right time for communication.

Challenge 9: Language barrier

There are numerous ways to interact with individuals face-to-face. Though, this communication becomes tricky on email and chat apps. There’s no way to completely eliminate it entirely, but using video calls and simple language can reduce it. It’s important to clear all doubts before taking the project.

Challenge 10: Health

We usually follow standard work timings and leave office, but it is not applicable for work from home. Here you are always on-site, which might sometimes extend the working hours. At some point you may get so indulged into work that you won’t even take a break from work, and that is stressful leading to bad health conditions. The impact of overworked employees seems to be less productive when compared to others.

The only solution to deal with this matter is to schedule working hours and non working and finish your work in time. Also make sure that once you sign off, avoid office work until the next following day to stay healthy and productive.

Challenge 11: Trust

No direct interaction with superiors is possible through Work from home. Many superiors really don’t trust the People entirely. Sometimes a really good reasons may look like an excuse to avoid work for them.

There is no direct solution to the problem of work-from-home challenge. Trust is the only means here. You can utilize the tracking tool to build rapport and trust with each other.   Here you can share your work process with superiors and can measure employee productivity easily. This tool measures productivity of how each of employee has put-in their efforts.


As long as you know how to deal with the above mentioned challenges, work from home wouldn’t be much rewarding. It requires some effort, planning, and right utilization of work tracking tools. Adopt that has the capabilities to track and manage those who are working from home, thereby improving employees’ productivity, and can deal with aforementioned challenges to monitor overall work process.


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