The internet is a world of joy and opportunity if you use it correctly. Unfortunately, there are instances when the online universe represents dangers that can be seriously detrimental to people’s lives. But everyone can make the most of the World Wide Web if they know how to use it responsibly. In order to enjoy your time online, you need to be aware of the common threats that you could come up against. By knowing what these are, you will be able to prevent them from happening to you.


Malvertising is a fairly new concept that has come about due to the rise of online advertising and digital marketing. A malicious advert or malvertisement is a form of advertising that attempts to deploy harmful software on a target user’s device. There are numerous ways that this could occur, and in some circumstances the user doesn’t even need to click on the advert to receive the malware. This makes it particularly dangerous because everyday internet users never know when it is going to strike.

The best way for the average user to avoid coming across malvertising is to steer clear of illegitimate or disreputable websites. They can also ensure that they have up-to-date protection on their devices that can deal with threats. The main people responsible for stopping the threat of malvertising are business owners. They can do this by partnering with specialist companies that have software that is able to deal with malvertisement and stop them in their tracks.

Malware Infections from Cracked Software

One of the common practices among internet users who don’t want to fork out for official software is to download cracked software for a fraction of the price or for free. This can be done through pirate websites, and it is easy to find almost anything. However, a lot of the people who do this are completely unaware of the great risks involved with it.

One of the most common threats from downloading cracked software is that it can contain malware. One security report claims that one cracked app is enough to infect over half a million machines. In addition to the software representing threats, the sites that people have to visit also present risks. For this reason, cracked software is best avoided.

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams have been around since the early days of the internet, and most users are aware of them now. This is when cyber criminals fraudulently attempt to have users key in their personal details in order to be able to steal them. This is done through emails usually, which are designed to look like official documents. The best way to avoid these sorts of scams is to always double-check with the company through its official means of contact.

Some other threats to watch out for include Trojans, worms, and keyloggers. The best way to avoid encountering any of these things is to make sure all security software is up to date on your computer. It is also crucial to remember that by using legitimate sites, there are very low risks of being the victim of any of these threats.

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