If security and privacy are your topmost priority this year, we’ve got your back. Here, we will have a look at the best privacy tools which you must be using in 2023.

Must-Have Privacy Tools in 2023

  • Privacy-focused web browser

If you are concerned about your privacy and security while browsing the internet, all you need is a privacy-focused web browser like Tor. The tool helps you in circumventing censorship and allows you to access geo-blocked content on the go.

It works by routing your web traffic through various encrypted nodes and makes it tough for third parties to track your IP address or physical location.

This is what makes this browser one of the most effective privacy tools that we have with us today.

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  • Virtual private network

A virtual private network ensures your online anonymity and privacy by creating a private network. It works by routing your traffic through a secure tunnel and makes use of the latest encryption protocols to keep your browsing history protected.

A VPN adds an additional level of security while accessing open public WiFi networks, making online transactions and the like. The software also allows you to circumvent censorship by changing your IP address and replacing it with one of its servers.

While there is a range of VPNs available in the market, NordVPN is rated high and can meet your requirements pretty well.

  • Private file storage

If you are a great fan of cloud file storage, all due to the ease of access that it provides, but if Google Drive and Dropbox do not sound secure to you, a private file storage tool like Cryptomator can come to your rescue here.

It is a free, client-side encryption private file storage software. It keeps your sensitive data and documents secure by using the highest level of transparent encryption. The tool is completely open-source and also supports vaults.

  • Encrypted DNS service

Cloudfare is one of the best DNS networks today. For starters, a DNS, or domain name system, acts like the phonebook of the internet which converts the domain name of the website into its IP address so that the browser can access it.

Cloudfare provides secure DNS services and keeps your website protected from DDoS attacks and the likes.

  • Encrypted email service

If you share sensitive and confidential information over the emails way too often, encrypted email services like ProtonMail can serve your purpose pretty well.

The email service provides end-to-end encryption and ensures that the emails remain encrypted during the whole process. The service is based in Switzerland which is known for its strong privacy laws.

  • Password manager

If you have too many accounts to deal with, and if you often forget your passwords, LastPass can put an end to all your woes. Available both as a native app and as a browser extension, the tool manages your passwords and keeps them secure effortlessly, all thanks to AES-256 encryption that it is based on.

  • Antivirus Software

Using antivirus software is no more an option, but more of a necessity. In the wake of ever-rising online threats and cyber crimes, it is essential to use antivirus software which can keep your computer safe from any virus and malware threats and can also perform periodic checks.

Norton antivirus is one reliable name and has received various recognition awards for the good work. The antivirus provides a range of products, right from Basic to standard, Deluxe, and Premium and can protect more than one devices simultaneously as per your package.

  • Ad blocker

While ad blocker is not a privacy tool to be precise, the tool still helps you out by blocking unwanted ads on a website. Such ads not only make it tough for you to read the contents on a website but if clicked, they can also redirect you to spammy websites.

Ad Blocker by Search Encrypt is one of the best ad blockers available with us today. The tool prevents the scripts from loading, and in turn, ensures a safe and fast browsing experience.

The Final Words

If you want to keep your digital identity secure and protect your data from hackers and stealers, it is essential to use the best privacy tools.

Additionally, stay alert and avoid clicking on dubious links, and visiting suspicious websites and ensure the padlock icon along with ‘HTTPS’ in the address box before sharing your confidential details.

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