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Introduction :

A flashlight is often referred to as a portable and handy device that can be used in a wide number of situations if there is any need for a portable light source. Flashlights are generally known for their light initiating power in times of any emergency or during power shortages with the help of rechargeable batteries or primary batteries.

flashlight bright

The flashlight which is often referred to as Torch has an immense number of uses, the most important of which has to be the light it can provide under any situation. As such this makes it important for the flashlight to provide a bright flash in times when it is necessary. There are several ways by which the innate brightness of the flashlight can be increased. Some of such ways are explored in rather detail in the following review.

Why is it important to upgrade the brightness :

The brightness of the light the flashlight provides is its main feature and needs to be improved for a number of reasons. For the most part, the necessity to increase the brightness of a flashlight can be numerous. As such it is never a bad idea to try and improve the brightness of the flashlight no matter what lumen output it can dish out. As such it is necessary to understand why and how the brightness of a flashlight can be improved. With the help of new uprising technological innovations and creative ideas, there are quite several methods to improve the brightness but before they are implemented certain factors are to be taken into account. These are :

Preparing –

Before the brightness of a flashlight is upgraded the user must check if the flashlight can handle a certain level of required increased input and whether or not it can process the input to provide an output of increased intensity. In most cases, the flashlights are more than capable of handling a proper upgrade when necessary changes are induced in their working mechanism. This is necessary to ensure better performance of the upgraded flashlight and needs it to be prepared for the upcoming upgrades to its input and output.

Measuring –

Measurement is another extremely important process to perform after the flashlight has been successfully upgraded. There are several ways by which the new changes made to the flashlight can be observed; however, the most prominent one among them is to measure the change in the lumen output. In order to do that properly, a proper application can be employed. There are several physical and digital tools that can be successfully used in order to oversee the proper management of the lumen output.

The different ways to brighten the Flashlight :

As mentioned earlier there are several ways through which the lumen output of a flashlight can be increased over time. That is to say, the brightness of the flashlight does not only depend on the input and also on several other factors ranging from its constitution and batteries. These factors all are independent contributors to the ways to improve and brighten the Flashlight for a better variable of usage. The overall performance of the flashlight can be improved over time.

Upgrading the Batteries :

The batteries play an important role in defining the overall performance and capability of the Flashlight for the most part. For this reason, it is quite necessary and important to understand that these batteries will also be extremely necessary to upgrade an existing flashlight. The use of certain batteries is necessary to increase the power input within the flashlight and thereby largely improve their performance in the field of lumen output.

Some of the options for the flashlights to upgrade to are :

AA batteries –

The AA batteries are alkaline-powered batteries that are extremely high input for nearly any scale of the flashlight. This makes it important to understand why the AA batteries are so effective in improving the overall brightness of a flashlight. The alkaline-powered batteries provide a huge power source of 1.8v which is mainly responsible for drastically changing the input the flashlight gets in a positive manner. As such the overall brightness and lumen output of the flashlight improves dramatically for the most part.

3 AAA Flashlights –

In the market, the 3xAAA batteries are extremely common to the point that every ¼ flashlight user uses one of these flashlights. However, it is important to understand that the overall performance of these 3xAAA Batteries is not the most efficient. The long-term performance of these flashlights is extremely hard to maintain. As such the overall usability of a flashlight is limited by the use of these batteries and is one of the major factors to replace when attempting to upgrade the brightness of the flashlight.

Higher scale batteries –

There are several types of higher-scale batteries of different scales which are rechargeable in nature. For the most part, the overall performance of the Flashlight will greatly increase if it can handle the extra input from these rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This makes these batteries a great addition to any flashlight upgrade and can improve the brightness of the flashlight by about 50% effectiveness.


Upgrading the LED and its Board :

Another very common upgrade that can be made to a flashlight to increase its brightness has to be the LED and the LED board. However, the process of upgrading the LED and its board is sometimes extremely difficult and not as simple as just changing the batteries. Especially when changing the LED board itself there are several internal factors within the Flashlight that might get affected. It is necessary to oversee and properly manage the LED changing process in order to maintain the working principle of the flashlight itself.

5mm LED –

The 5mm LED is the most common type of LED that is used in cheaper flashlights. This makes it necessary to understand how to change these 5mm LEDs into much more capable and better-LED options. Doing so properly can greatly improve the brightening upgrade of the flashlight and will often lead to better results for the upgrades.

LED Chip –

The LED chip which is used in most common flashlights is tuned to provide the lumen output in accordance with the LED itself. Therefore upgrading the LED itself will often greatly improve the performance of the LED board as well thereby affecting the brightness of the Flashlight in a positive way. It will help to improve the overall Lumen output of the flashlight thus improving its luminescence.

Upgrading the driver and wiring :

The internal pieces of a flashlight often also play a major role in defining the lumen output. Therefore tweaking these drivers and wirings in a proper way will often result in an easy upgrade of the brightness output of the flashlight. It will also often help in boosting the overall power capacity of the flashlight so that it can handle a higher level of input all the while providing a better output in the form of brightness.

Wire Upgrades –

There are several wiring linked with the other important working parts of the flashlight. The user can improve these wiring connections to either upgrade the power input of the flashlight or just to help in strengthening the linkage between the LED and LED board which can help in improving the overall brightness of the flashlight as well.

Bypassing springs –

The spring-loaded mechanism within the flashlight often helps in maintaining the lightning sequence and also controls the main switch for the Flashlight. Tweaking these springs can help in bypassing the input limit and thereby improve the overall brightness and lumen intensity distribution of the LEDs. This when done in a proper way will result in a much brighter flashlight as well.

Driver Upgrade –

The driver upgrade is accounted as one of the most commonly implemented industrial upgrades used to improve the brightness of any flashlight. The replacement of the driver is one of the most effective ways of reliably increasing the lumen output of the flashlight thereby positively affecting the brightness output of the flashlight.

Driver board upgrade –

Much like the driver itself the driver board also plays a major role in regulating the lumen output of the flashlight by a lot. Tweaking its influence over the broader light is often the better option to take. This is largely because of the fact that the driver board alone can improve the overall brightness of the flashlight by at least 20%. This is why it continues to stay one of the most used processes to improve the lumen output of a flashlight. This makes the Driver board a quite critical asset to a Flashlight.

Conclusion –

Based on the aforementioned information it can be concluded that Flashlight being one of the handiest tools on the market is quite a wholesome companion for an individual in times of crisis. The idea of upgrading the brightness of Flashlight has a positive impact on society as a whole which further justifies the significance of Flashlight in different aspects. As such, understanding the need of improving the brightness of the flashlight is often the best choice for the user. Especially in tactical situations.

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