Most people are in pursuit of better job opportunities or searching for their ultimate dream home when they decide to move out of their current home. Regardless of the reason for your move, it can be emotionally draining and physically taxing.

It requires extensive planning and preparation. Moreover, it also involves packing all the things and deciding on a new location to move in. Hence every single step needs your undivided attention. Ideally, a month is sufficient for packing and moving out, but with a hectic lifestyle, we find ourselves having a week at the maximum to plan and execute our move. Besides, no matter how much time you have, at the end of the day, you feel that you are moving in haste.

The thought of moving can stress you out, and if you are emotionally attached to your home then, it will take a toll on your emotional and mental health, and you will feel nostalgic all the time. There are fixed rules for packing and shifting to a newer place. But, some tips can surely make your task easy.

Following are some tips that will assist you in making a quick and easy move:

1. Prepare A To-Do List

Usually, people are slow to put everything in writing and rely on their memory. They are too confident about their mind and believe that they will not forget the essential stuff. Moving out means that you are involved in various processes at a time, and it can put even the stronger ones under pressure. Too many things will tangle up your brain, and chances are some essential points that might slip out of your mind. You will need to change the mailing address on subscriptions, pay the bills, let your acquaintances know, and forget any of these might become a bigger problem afterward. Besides, jotting a to-do list will also help in organizing your tasks, and you can also keep a track.

2. Declutter Unwanted Items

When you decide to move and get ready to pack your belongings, that is the time when you realize you have been hoarding unnecessary stuff all along. Shifting is an ideal time to get rid of all those things that you kept in the hope of using them one day. If you have not used some items in a month, chances are you will never use it. Furthermore, if the need arises, you can easily buy second-hand stuff from a thrift store.

However, if you possess certain expensive items and holds sentimental value, for example, your leather sofa or designer bedroom furniture. Therefore, it is better to find an environmentally controlled storage facility to keep them safe and secure while you are moving.

3. Plan Your Packing

Packing is an essential aspect of moving out, and generally, it is the most difficult one. Experts say that that planning your move is like half of the job because when you have drawn up a scheme, you can pack up your stuff in no time. You can easily estimate the number of boxes you will need and will have an idea of how to store your things. A smart way is to designate a place and put all your boxes there to avoid cluttering up space. Moreover, it would be best you do one room at a time and once you have finished packing it, only then begin the other one.

4. Book Movers

You have to book movers in advance since they are one of the busiest people in the market. Some people think of saving money and rely on their muscle power to lift heavy boxes. But you can break your back or damage your things. It is advisable to leave the job to the experts.

5. Label The Boxes

Experts recommend that you pack similar stuff in one box and then label it. It would help if you remembered that you would soon have to unpack and search for one item that might become a hurdle unless you label. Labeling is especially necessary for fragile items like pottery, delicate decorative pieces, or electronic appliances. Moreover, your movers will also get an idea after reading the labels and put the boxes in the correct room.

6. Pack An Essentials Bag

Keep your necessities in one bag that you might have to use right away. The container should have medicines, documents, cards, chargers, and day-to-day toiletries. You can keep all this in a small duffel bag, and instead of handing it over to movers, it would be best if you keep it with yourself.

7. Ask For Help

Making a quick move means much work, which you alone may not be able to manage. Moreover, do not hesitate to call and ask for help. With some helping hands around, you can quickly do the work. Your family members and friends might give you valuable advice and equip you with some setting-in-new-environment tips.


Moving to a different place is a big decision, and the whole process can be challenging. Things keep coming in, and it feels like you will not be able to move by the due time. Planning makes a lot of tasks more manageable, but if you have to move in less than a week, things might get rough. However, with some preparation, you can still manage to pack your belongings and move in less time.


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