Many companies are slowly starting to embrace the mobile-first concept in most of their business activities. As a result, the demand for iOS developers is at an all-time high although the talent shortage along this career line has continued to pose problems for the entire industry. Developers who possess the necessary programming skills can help create applications that consumers and enterprises use on a daily purpose to improve productivity.

What Does an iOS Developer Do?

You can have your own recruitment team or use s special service when you want to find iOS developers to help in building, testing, and refining mobile apps that Apple’s iOS operating system to ensure they are in line with the company’s’ or clients’ standards. They need to have a deep understanding of the iOS ecosystem and how it works in different Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and  Apple Watch, and be able to customize the app he/she builds.

Demand for iOS Developers

Although the mobile devices market is dominated by Android, Apple has over the years exploded to reach 1.3 billion  active devices globally. This large number of devices running on iOS has led to the increasing demand for iOS developers to create applications for these devices. The number of apps in the App Store is expected to hit the 5 million mark by the year 2020.

According to a report by, mobile app developer skills are some of the highly demanded although the hardest to fill in the tech world. To underwrite this, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics has predicted that the number of application development jobs will grow at 31% between now and 2026.

In terms of salaries, an iOS developer’s can take an average of $106,5578/year which is another contributing factor as to why many people are fighting to get a piece of this cake.

But how do you become an iOS developer? In this article, we will guide on the skills you need to acquire to get a job and the steps you need to take to rise through the ranks.

Learn How To Code

The most common programming language used by iOS developers is Swift. By learning to code in Swift, you know a programming language but there are a few other things you should learn.

Swift is a powerful and equally intuitive coding language released by Apple in 2014. Whether you are working on a normal or cross-platform mobile app development, this language is a must-have. The language is used to build iOS, macOS, tvOS,watchOS, and Linux apps as it offers enhanced safety, security, and performance compared to other languages like Objective-C.

Of course, when learning code, you don’t need to have an in-depth understanding of everything — this comes later with experience. With that said, you will have to fully immerse into all the variables, loops, pointers, classes, and data types.

Familiarize Yourself With Xcode

The second thing you need to know about iOS mobile app development is  Xcode which is the most commonly used software by iOS developers. Xcode is the IDE on which the iOS apps are made and can be downloaded straight from the Mac App Store.

Inside Xcode, you will learn a lot in terms of code writing, editing, debugging, and storyboard “writing”, unit testing and many other things. The same software is used in uploading a finished application to the App Store. As such, getting familiar with every aspect of X-code will save you many troubles as an iOS developer when starting out.

Learn the iOS Design Principles

When learning how to make a mobile app, the design aspect matters a lot.  The first place to hit as a beginner iOS developer is buying a Mac. It will help you familiarize with iOS mobile app design and philosophies.

Many iOS apps are appreciated for their elegant, concise mobile app user interfaces and consistent operation which help improve user experience irrespective of the device they are using.  In line with this, Apple has continued to release human-computer interaction guidelines that developers should follow in developing iOS apps.

Master Source Code Control Management

SCCS is an important aspect of software development. This is because it gives app user the ability to retrieve the original source code of the app and even the stored changes.

SVN and Git are the most commonly used code control management tools although  Git is becoming the tool of choice for developers for a number of reasons including:

  • It’s a distributed code control system compared to the centralized SVN.
  • As a developer, you can easily manage Git even without servers in the local library which is not the case with SVN as you are required to go through the server first to successfully complete code management.
  • Git is faster compared to SVN.

Try Creating Your Custom App Prototype

At this point, you are pretty deep into the iOS development journey. You can start by building your own app that you can deploy later or use as a portfolio when applying for iOS developer jobs.

For such an app, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Start by choosing between native vs hybrid app basing on iOS development areas you have perfected. After all, you will learn a lot during your junior position once you get employed.

In the course of building your app, try implementing a few tweaks to the app and see how they can potentially help reduce mobile app development cost or shorten the development cycle in your future projects.

Upload your Newly Created App to Github

GitHub is a social platform where you can share the source code. With more than 900 million users most if not all being developers, it’s one of the best platforms for software development management and discovering existing code. When you upload your app to GitHub, potential employers are able to have a glimpse of your source code.

What’s more, GitHub is a great learning site where you can pick a thing or two about app development and even the best project management methodologies.

Publish the App on App Store

When looking into how to hire a mobile app developer, companies not only consider the coding skills of the individual but also other miscellaneous skills. For instance, you can try to learn how to how to publish an application in the App store.

The main purpose of learning this process is not to get people to purchase or even download your app, but it should serve as a learning experience on what is required of the process. Your potential employer or  IT project manager will be particularly impressed to learn that these are some of the skills you possess.

Dust your iOS Developer Resume and Start Looking for a Job

You now have all the necessary skills to start looking for a job. Start by creating a professional resume that highlights all the skills you have collected in developing your app. It could be a hybrid app development or a cross-platform mobile app.

Since the app is your portfolio at this point, take time to tell the potential employer about the design ideas and principle to impress them. Having a clear design thinking is a straight ticket to landing a junior iOS development position.

If you are looking to work as a freelancer, there are multiple companies looking to hire remote employees. You can start your search in companies within your locality looking for development services or check out online workers platforms like Upwork. It goes without saying, freelancing is resource intensive and requires massive preparation. To avoid frustrations deep into the journey, start by working for a regular company and go alone after you have gained the necessary experience and skills.

Continue Learning

Landing a job doesn’t mean that the learning curve stops. In fact,   many occasions, the learning curve gets steeper as you will be expected to take on more responsibilities as you grow in terms of skills and experience. This is further compounded by the fluid nature of the app development world where new technologies keep on cropping up rendering the old ones useless. As such,  you will need to be in a constant personal development mode.

Infographics of IOS Development:

Final Thoughts

As you may realize, we didn’t mention having a degree in Computer Science as one of the prerequisites of becoming an iOS developer. This is because there are self-taught developers out there who have never set foot in a Computer Science class but are doing great work. The Key lies in knowing how to create apps that help enterprises reach their target audience through mobile commerce and interactive notifications, and improve if not automate their customer support all which are geared towards one thing increase sales and revenue and lastly There are multiple other things that you can do to kickstart you iOS developer career, but the above tips.


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