Some of us hold the opinion that smart TV came into existence to put an end to the annoying cable TV channels that freeze whenever a brief drizzling takes place. Though, there are cable service providers that ensure an experience worth treasuring for their customers from all aspects one can think of, such as Spectrum TV, Xfinity TV, or Cox TV services, that are facilitating millions of households and businesses to the fullest.

As a matter of fact, a few different channels and sources offer smart TV streaming for free. Let’s go through a couple of them to give you an idea of what free live TV looks like on smart TVs.

  • YouTube

You just have to select the topic, click onto your favorite video from hundreds of available options, and relish the shows ranging from top video bloggers, documentaries, movies, shows, and anything archived. I consider YouTube is going to be the future of television as well as binge-watching on-the-go pretty much like live streaming service – as it is also one of those.

Through your TV browser (make sure it is connected to the internet) use Google (search box) exactly how you do from your laptop to look up the free online streaming channels right from the TV set in your living room!

  • Netflix

It enables you to watch the most popular TV shows – provided that Netflix can be availed for free (just) for the first month. But you can evaluate and review the services during the trial period without paying anything for one month right on your smart TV screens.

  • Internet TV.

The LIVE TV service providers typically offer free trials before you sign up for the paid versions. A lot of IPTV services give such opportunities to their potential clients and one can avail these to watch the LIVE TV right on the smart TV with the family.

We do empathize with the fact that ever since your high school days, you have been paying for cable TV services. By this time, eradicating it out of your life can feel like parting with a childhood pal.

But then again saving up to $100 every month while receiving exactly what you need is a no-brainer. Also for the reason that these online streaming services give free trials without binding their customers with contracts followed by termination fee, there’s no reason NOT to give any of these a try for once at least (if you still haven’t, obviously – not applicable to those who have used streaming services). As a matter of fact, the majority of the households sign up for more than one service and still prefer to pay a chunk of their old cable charges.

For instance, Sling TV + Netflix + Hulu Plus charges up to $36 a month.

What will work best for you?

There are more ways to watch LIVE TV for free on your smart TV:

You can get an indoor flat panel antenna then you have to connect it with your TV for over-the-air local TV. In most of the major markets, you could get around 20 to 50 digital TV channels (in HD format) over the air along with an antenna. These flat panel antennas are pretty economical that work well too. Their prices start from $19 and the extra powerful ones charged about $79. You can easily get these from the majority of the electronics stores or any Home Depot.

Another alternative of cable TV is IPTV i.e. live TV through the internet – the two Players Klub and SET TV are considered the best ones. There are a few more options that do the same job, some are more reliable than the rest. Some IPTV services that provide quality services do charge a nominal fee for subscription.

These services offer a great number of channels (in hundreds typically) and an online program guide for services that are pretty similar to premium cable.

Conclusive Notes: 

If you are just not convinced with cable TV, or cable services are not operational in your region, these are a couple of alternatives to get you a great TV watching experience.

Live TV — TV service providers like Sling and AT&T TV provide live streaming TV for most of the similar channels that can be accessed through cable TV services.

On-demand — Additional online streaming services, which include Hulu and Netflix, enable you to stream movies, original series, and on-demand shows.

These on-demand online streaming services could be a good substitute and complement conventional cable services.

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