CompTIA has consistently provided solutions to both hardware and software issues that the IT industry have been facing. However, that is not the limit with CompTIA. Today, we have professionals regarded as CompTIA Network+ certified professionals. They are the individuals who are proficient in troubleshooting, managing and configuring of the networked system. To achieve CompTIA Network+ credential, you need to pass N10-007 exam. This page is going to provide you with detailed information concerning CompTIA Network+ VCE Dumps.

N10-007 exam details

N10-007 was launched in March 2018 and replaced the previous one N10-006, that has retired. Therefore, every candidate intending to attain CompTIA Network+ credential has a task to clearly understand the following key topics:

  • Implementation and design of functional networks.
  • Management, configuration and maintenance of networked devices
  • Network traffic segmentation as well as resilient network creation
  • Network security and protocol implementation
  • Creation and administration of virtual networks
  • Network troubleshooting

Now, let’s see the CompTIA N10-007 exam’s characteristics:

  • It has a maximum of 90 multiple choice questions, drag and drop and performance-based
  • The time allotted is 90 minutes
  • Every candidate is expected to hit a passing score of 720 on a scale of 100-900
  • A fee of $319 is charged

Job Opportunities

  • Network Field technician
  • System Engineer
  • Network Analyst

How to pass N10-007 exam

The most important thing that we always aspire to achieve whenever we register for the certification exam is that desirable credential. We all have hopes that it will open doors for success in our career. To gain success, you need to well-prepared, be confident in your knowledge and know the best tips that will help you obtain the CompTIA Network+ certification. The points that I am about to present to you are the ultimate techniques you can use to join the certified world.

  1. Understand the exam objectives

There can be several concepts that revolve around N10-007 exam but only specific concepts are tested during the exam. It is necessary that you understand the exam objectives so that you do not go beyond the limit where the questions are set. Also, some of the topics such as security were enumerated in the updated N10-007 exam. Therefore, understanding the exam objectives is one of the ways to know what you have to understand in order to pass the exam.

  1. Ask the instructor

An instructor has a pivotal role to play: to help you pass your exams with flying colors. You are supposed to consult him or her whenever you find a problem that you cannot handle. Remember that every concept that you are being enlightened with during the training is tested. Therefore, you do not need to ignore anything that sounds unfamiliar – ask the instructor!

  1. Plan your prep

Preparation for the exam should start long before you register for N10-007 exam. Simply set the goal and move towards it. You have to dedicate some hours every day just to do your preparation. Most importantly, do not learn more than one topic at once because IT concepts are closely related therefore, you might end up without a clear insight of a certain concept.

  1. Prioritize on weak topics

There can be very many topics in the curriculum outline but some will seem so tough to you. Therefore, you need to dedicate much of your time to the topics that you are not proficient in. Additionally, every topic counts on your performance and you do not need to ignore even a single one. Make sure you are ready to face any question regardless of the topic it comes from. Only in this case, you can easily tackle N10-007 certification exam.

  1. Be honest

Yes, honesty! You got me right. You need to assure yourself that you are not good at a certain point and you need to polish up. A good way of being honest during prep is challenging yourself with a topical question without checking the answers on your prep material. In the end, you will be able to find the knowledge gaps and fill them before you do the main exam.

  1. Practice! Practice! Practice!

As they say, practice makes perfect, it truly does. Use several N10-007 exam dumps during your preparation process. It’s known that the dumps meet the exam objectives just as the main exam. Where do you source valid N10-007 exam dumps? ExamSnap is the biggest online platform which is popular among candidates. The prep materials from ExamSnap are always verified by IT experts before they are uploaded. That’s why there’s no risk to use the dumps offered on this website. Therefore, feel very confident to purchase your preferred prep materials from ExamSnap.

  1. Remember why you are studying

Lastly, you need to remind yourself why you need to spend all nights and days reading for this particular certification exam. Let it stick in your mind that you need to pass excellently at the end. Think positively so that you can easily ace your performance.


To sum up, any certification exam can be passed successfully if you are well-prepared. The same is true for CompTIA N10-007 exam. There is nothing hard if you are prepared effectively. N10-007 certification exam is actually set to test your understanding of concepts that the industry requires. Take your time and follow the guideline highlighted in this article. CompTIA Network+ credential should surely be in your pocket. Good luck!


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