Pizza is healthy for your kids. Wondering how? Pizza has some nutritional value too. When your children are troubling you to consume green vegetables, you can make them eat it with a pizza. All the well-known pizza brands care for their customers and provide them an option to choose healthier options while maintaining the usual amazing taste.


Here is the list of mouth-watering healthiest pizza options for your kids

Toppings of veggies contain minerals and vitamins, lycopene antioxidant is found in tomato, the whole wheat dough has higher fiber and lesser carbs, and cheese, which is an effective source of calcium, in turn, makes your bones strong. Selecting a pizza filled with veggies, proteins, and other healthy ingredients will provide enough nutrients for your child’s everyday diet.

Consider the suggested tips for ordering a fresh pizza. You can eliminate fat and sodium from your pizza by changing the quantity of cheese, checking for better nutrition in tomato sauce varieties, order colorful pizza which has tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, spinach and mushroom, and remember to recreate whenever you can.

Here is a list of healthy pizza options:

1. Garden Party Pizza – Medium

Garden Party Pizza from Pizza Hut, which comes with hand-tossed crust and little cheese, is healthy to eat at just $11.99. It has 340 calories, 580 mg sodium, 4 g saturated fat, 9 g fat. If ordered online, you can avail a discount of 20% on using promo codes.

2. Meditteranean Veggie Pizza – Medium

The signature pizza of Papa John’s which is very delicious and healthy It consists of 7 g fat, 200 calories, 480 mg sodium, and 3 g saturated fat. Papa John’s delivers this at a price of $15.00 on which you can get an extra 25% discount by making use of Papa John’s online coupon.

3. Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza – Medium

This Domino’s Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza has bacon, fruits, vegetables, pineapple, ham, and red peppers. It is healthy as it has only 240 calories along with 610 mg sodium, 4 g saturated fat, and 10 g fat. Make use of GFCRUST promo code and get a small pizza for free and an additional 60 pie points.

4. Skinny Slice Pizza – Large

Skinny Slice Pizza with the goodness of Roma tomatoes, additional spinach, mushrooms, little cheese, and marina cheese can be brought from Pizza Hut which is tasty and healthy at the same time. Get 580 mg sodium, 9 g fat, 4 g saturated fat, and calories of 340 in this pizza. Avail $5 off by using a credit card on the original price of $14.99.

5. Chicken and Veggie Pizza – Medium

Chicken and Veggie Pizzas have a low amount of fiber and are rich in protein. With the goodness of vegetables, onions, grilled chicken, low cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, and olives, Papa John’s pizza is available at just $15.00. On buying online, get 25% off on regular-priced pizza.

6. Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza – Medium

Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza contains 250 calories, 11 g fat, 520 mg sodium, and 5 g saturated fat. Though it is loaded with extra cheese, it is a good protein source that you can have once in a blue moon. Avail this tasty pizza from Dominos at $14.99.

7. Chicken Supreme Thin and Crispy Pizza – Medium

Spinach, low cheese, grilled chicken, balsamic drizzle, pineapples, and marinara sauce containing Chicken Supreme Thin and Crispy Pizza is proved to be very beneficial for your kids. It has 320 calories, 900 mg sodium, 8 g fat, and 3.5 g of saturated fat. Pizza Hut delivers this nutrient tasty food for $12.99. Use PQ promo code at the time of checkout to avail 30% off on this pizza. You can combine other pizza options along with this to get more discounts from Dominos.

8. Tropical Lau Pizza – Small

The Tropical Lau Pizza is packed with less cheese, juicy pineapple, bacon, and green peppers. It comes with a nutrition value of 470 mg sodium, 2 g saturated fat, 4.5 g fat, and 180 calories. Order this from Papa John’s as they believe in shortening the calories but not taste at $13.00.

9. Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza – Medium

The Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza is loaded with proteins and less processed meat from Dominos at a rate of $15.99. It is made up of 11 g fat, calories of 250, 520 mg sodium, and 5 g saturated fats. You can also access a whole chicken combo, which is featured at $18.99 only.


If you do not carefully pick the meal for your kids, they will end up with bad health and can be prone to diseases. Thus you need to look at the health information before making them eat blindly. There are many pizza brands in America to choose pizza from, but choosing the one that provides you with both taste and nutrition can be a difficult task. In the pointers mentioned above, we have given you many choices to select the nutrition-fitted pizza for your kids at a modest rate.

The best brands will not let you lose your money but will leave you with enough to purchase even more.


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