First things first. What is a Dehumidifier? It is an electrical device that is designed similarly to a humidifier, except that a dehumidifier reduces the humidity levels in an area rather than bringing them up. A dehumidifier can be best understood as an appliance that helps people who live in humid climates; it is more commonly found in parts of Asia, Mexico, and certain parts of Africa as well, so as to create a less humid and a naturally cooler environment in homes and offices by keeping a dehumidifier.


It works by extracting water that is present in the air, and can even eliminate the growth of mildew and musty odors. It also eliminates dust particles from the air and, with the process of condensation, releases cooler air droplets back into the room. For those having an allergic reaction to humidity and dust, a Honeywell dehumidifier is not only a must-have but pretty much a lifesaver as well. It is quite useful for people with sinuses and asthma as the congested air can block their nostrils and result in an itchy throat.

How Does It Work?

So, we asked experts at Honeywell about how their dehumidifier really works, and from what we have gathered, it’s quite simple.

Unlike a humidifier, a dehumidifier absorbs the air currents into its coil through the fan within the device, making the air in the room less humid and lighter to breathe into. In the presence of a highly humid climate, the air feels warm and thicker to breathe in, hence a dehumidifier takes in the warm air particles. Through the process of condensation, the device releases back cooler air droplets into the room through its windows.

It can bring down the humidity in a room by a significant and noticeable level, and it offers a meter option that measures the relative humidity in the room, and brings it down to the percentage that you have set. It is a customizable experience that can be adjusted with the levels of humidity that work best for you and those within your household.

Is It Really Worth It?

Now comes the question of how do dehumidifiers add to the health and well-being of your home and make you feel healthier. Here are some reasons as to why you must think about purchasing Honeywell’s dehumidifier for all the benefits that it offers:

  • Dehumidifiers absorb moisture in the air hence reducing dust particles present in the process.
  • It minimizes allergic reactions that can get triggered due to the presence of dust and excess moisturize in the air, including sinus, asthma, sneezing, skin irritation, etc.
  • It will reduce allergens in the atmosphere such as mildew, dust mites, and mold. Considering that is absorbs dust, this would also mean that it would not take as long to clean your home as it does otherwise!
  • It can keep your furniture, curtains, and clothing from catching mold due to dust and moisture in the air, whether it is the living room or the closet in the bathroom.
  • It helps air-conditioning units run more efficiently and can lower the cost of energy that the AC would otherwise consume.
  • If your house is located in a state that has a naturally humid climate, get a dehumidifier to make your home feel less humid and fresher.
  • Through dehumidifying the atmosphere in your house, it can keep the bad odor from lingering that usually ends up happening due to excess moisture being trapped within a room or space.

What’s Our Verdict?

While a dehumidifier is great for homes and offices in humid climates, it is not for your home if you live in a dry and dense area. It can make the air even drier by sucking out excess moisture, which is why a dehumidifier, in general, is not recommended for those who already suffer from dryness and might even have eczema. It could end up triggering skin allergies.

However, should you wish to invest in one, you can make the most of a dehumidifier in those specific areas of your home where air collects more quickly and can get trapped too, such as basements, storerooms, walk-in closets next to the bathroom and even attics.

It is especially useful if your house tends to collect water after a rainfall, like if there are any signs of leakages, whether your house smells damp quite often, if there’s an unpleasant odor in your bathrooms, or you notice muggy air in your house or even just certain parts of your house. These are all signs that you can benefit from purchasing a dehumidifier.

We hope this article could answer any questions that you may have had about dehumidifiers. And if you are looking to invest in one for your home, then head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website, and check out their collection of Honeywell’s dehumidifiers available at different and affordable prices!

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