How to Grow Chills

There are many types of peppers, crispy and sweet, small and spicy, for our choice. No matter you choose to buy seed to grow or just from seedlings, you can grow a variety of peppers in your backyard. Below are the main tips of planting peppers, including preparation, planting process and how to care for … Read more

What Is A Luxury Garden Room?

The word “luxury” is often used to describe things that are “too good” for everyday life. The idea behind luxury is to do things in style, to have a unique experience or lifestyle that is not found in everyday life. Some things considered luxury include a beautiful garden, private jet, luxury car, luxury home, luxury … Read more

Best Fabric for Tents and Camping

Best Fabric for Tents and Camping

Whether you’re an avid camper or someone in the tent manufacturing industry, you’ll be wondering what the best fabrics for tents and camping gear may be. After all, when camping, tents and equipment are naturally exposed to the elements, which can include wet weather, temperature extremes, windy conditions and possibly even snowfall. Camping gear and … Read more

7 Things to Grow in a Garden

things to grow in garden

Summer is the most wonderful time of year to see the beautiful bounty of fruits and vegetables reach their ripeness. It’s the season of meals filled with fresh, flavorful produce, but are you getting the freshest possible ingredients? Since 2008, the number of families involved in gardening has grown by 200%. Those families are enjoying … Read more

How to Choose the Right Decking Colour for Your Garden

Decking is not something that’s easy to swap and change once it’s installed, so it’s important that you pick a shade that you’ll love for years to come. Nowadays, decking comes in a huge variety of colours and styles. From boards that look and feel like real wood to contemporary boards in bold and unusual … Read more