Cotton harvesting has been elevated to a whole new level recently with the advent of the brand new John Deere CP690 cotton harvester. Anyone who witnesses this powerful machine in action will be sure to want to get it in their own fields as soon as possible, so they can enjoy all the benefits it brings in the way of power, performance, and speed.

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This machine will allow you to improve your cotton harvesting efforts by shortening your time in the field, and by making it much more enjoyable to operate such a powerful and efficient machine. A whole slew of improvements have been made on this model cotton harvester, some of which are major improvements and some of which are minor.

The previous version of the CP690 cotton picker was known as the John Deere 7760 model, but this newest incarnation of the machine has updated on-board round module building, with far greater uptime and increased performance and power. Some of the modifications that have been made to this machine include improvements made to the engine, the row unit, and the cab where an operator would control all harvesting.

The enhancements made to the CP690 have made it the best cotton harvesting machine in existence, a status based primarily on the enhancements made to its power, performance, and speed.

Increased Power

Cotton pickers in general have been steadily developing to the point where they’re becoming more powerful every couple years. A great many agricultural people thought that the summit of achievement in the way of power was achieved when the 7760 cotton picker was introduced, but even this extremely powerful machine has now been surpassed, by the John Deere CP690.

This new model cotton picker has an amazing 560 horsepower, and it is powered by a Final Tier 4 engine which adds another 30 horsepower into the mix, to boost cotton-picking production even further. Compared to the revered 7760 machine, the John Deere CP690 has at least 6% greater power, which gives it the capability of harvesting approximately 10 acres every hour.

That’s the kind of efficiency the agricultural community could only dream about a few years ago, but it’s now a reality thanks to the CP690. Suffice to say that this new John Deere model has become the most productive cotton picking machine in the entire world, bar none. That’s not to say that in a few years time, some newer, more powerful machine might be developed, but for the present, this machine is on top of the heap as the most powerful harvester on the planet.

Better Overall Performance

Probably the single greatest performance feature which is now considered about cotton harvesters is their ability to perform non-stop harvesting without damage to the machine. The John Deere CP690 has a new ProDrive automatic shift transmission, and is also equipped with anti-slip regulation, so that it has the capability of delivering outstanding coverage traction.

All you have to do is simply push some of the button controls in order to change transmission speeds on the fly, without ever coming to a full stop. The machine also features a multi-functional lever, as well as single-touch round module on-loading, making it much easier to automatically build modules.

For those who are obliged to do a considerable amount of harvesting at night or early morning, LED lights are built right into the architecture so as to provide outstanding night visibility during those times where natural daylight is not readily available. These performance features make the John Deere CP690 one of the most capable cotton-picking machines in existence, and they contribute greatly to the efficiency and sheer usability of the machine.

Increased Harvest Speed

Just when you thought cotton-picking machines couldn’t get any faster, the John Deere CP690 has come along with a 5% increase in speed, to make shorter work of your long harvesting days. As any cotton harvester can tell you, when there are huge fields of cotton to be brought in, time is of the essence, and the less time invested in the actual harvesting process, the better.

Now it may not seem like a 5% increase in speed is a major deal, but when you have a harvesting machine that can move along at a rate of 4.4 mph while still extracting all the precious cotton from plants in the field, that can shorten your time in the field considerably. There is another benefit to this increased speed which might not ordinarily have occured to you.

In addition to the fewer hours that you spend harvesting, you’ll also enjoy a reduction in your fuel costs, and that can be significant if you have multiple fields which require harvesting, or if you have a single huge plot of acreage. The increased speed provided by the John Deere CP690 is just another one of the huge benefits provided by this extraordinary cotton picker, and it’s one which adds to its reputation as the premier cotton-picking machine of its time.


In summary, all the improvements made to the John Deere 7760 have resulted in the entirely new model of the CP690, and the three most noticeable improvements which have been made to this new machine are in the areas of power, speed, and performance. Anyone who has an opportunity to work with this marvel of a cotton harvester will quickly agree that it is the ultimate machine for cotton-picking.

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