A multimeter, also known as VOM (volt-ohm meter) is an electronic measuring device, which performs numerous measurement functions in one unit. This device can measure the current (amperage), voltage, and resistances. Multimeters come in two different versions called an analog and digital one.


The essential tools like drills and sanders, the multimeter is also, a significant one for everyone to keep in their house. This device helps you to diagnose a wide range of the problem, and make you apparently what’s the issue is? With your electric appliances. This guide will state to you, why it is necessary for everyone to own a multimeter?

Why Everyone Should own a Multimeter

  1. Diagnose the minor electrical issue:

Maintaining electric equipment is not an easy thing. You have to face many minor and major problems with them frequently. Apart from fixing that issue, the real struggle is to find out the spot where the problem occurs. This multimeter can help you to diagnose small electric problems arise in everyday life.

For example: when your light is won’t turn on, you have a confused whether the problem is with bulb or switch? That time this multimeter help to identify the right one and save your time and money. Once you have a multimeter, you’ll understand what’s wrong, and be easy to tackling small issues.

  1. Test batteries:

Are you tired of finding the right working battery from all old disposable batteries? Even you don’t know whether they are alive or dead. Don’t struggle, your multimeter is always with you to help in these situations.

For test the batteries: just turn on your multimeter, there you have two wired probes colour-coded as black and red. Now, touch the black probe to the negative end and red probe to the positives end of the battery you’re testing. So, you see a value on the multimeter screen display. Is your value matches batteries rated voltage means it’s alive if not means, it’s dead.

  1. Help to check your car battery:

When you doubt that your car battery may be dead, then use your multimeter to check is it true or not. All the current going around your car comes from 12v battery that’s under the veil.

For checking: set the level of your multimeter to 15v DC. Then touch the probes to your car battery terminals. If your meter reading drops to 9v or less- under a load means, you have to charge your battery. After charging, again deals with the same issue means you probably need a new battery for your car.

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  1. Find out the working bulb:

Bulbs and lights are basic things in our life. But sometimes we stuck with confusion whether bulbs are really working or dead. In this situation, your multimeter is a great thing to help you to test which ones are good and which ones are whacked. But this trick will only work credible on simple incandescent bulbs.

To check: confirm your meter is switched on. Touch the black probe to the exterior side of the bulb’s metal thread end, and the red probe to the bulb’s electrical foot point. When touching the red probe, if the bulb is alive means it creates a sound. Is there is no sound means your bulb is dead.

  1. Check the extension cord:

Do you doubt about the integrity of your dusty extension cord? Don’t worry, check it with your multimeter. Look for the sound wave symbol, your probe terminal layout stays the same.

For the test: Turn on your multimeter.  Insert the black probe into one of the urns on one end of the cord. Then touch the red probe to the matching prong on the plug end of the cord. If the connection is good means the multimeter emits the beep sound. If no sound emits means the connection is dead.

Apart from this uses, a multimeter is also used in various places. For maintain the electric gadgets you need at least a basic knowledge of handling and fixing the issues happen with them. That will save your money and time too. In this process, the basic thing is to identify the problems and rectify them. So, it is necessary to keep a multimeter with you.

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