One big factor in living a longer life isn’t your genes, but rather what you do in your daily life. If you want to meet Korean male or female individuals in your future, consider the following habits.

Never Fully Retire When You Reach That Stage

I know some Japanese singles might groan at this amongst many others but there is evidence to support this.

We only need to look to Italy to prove this fact. For one, a high percentage of centenarians – people who are 100 years old or more – live there. And these individuals lifestyles are different than usual.

After someone in Italy “retires”, Italian retirees actually spend a lot of time farming and cultivating fruits and vegetables. In other words, they spend very little time being inactive. It’s this inactivity that swiftly diminishes your life as muscles begin to lose function and organs start to decline as well.

By staying active, you are forcing your body to keep working. This means organs are functioning regularly which is good.

Floss Daily

Flossing every day keeps certain bacteria away from building up in our mouth. While there are good bacteria, there is plenty that’s bad and can turn into us developing gum diseases. It’s this particular bacteria that we can accidentally ingest and have it enter our bloodstream.

What these bacteria will then do is cause inflammation of arteries which can then develop into heart problems.

Be Active

While I mentioned to never fully retire, it’s key to be moving around in general. Retiring often leads to us being inactive in general, but even before retiring, people seem to be inactive already.

This isn’t to say you need to be going to the gym and working out for several hours. However, it’s key to at least be somewhat active. Some other forms of exercise that are just as good are things like walking, picking up a leisurely sport, or even stretching once in a while.

Getting up and moving around is like the oil and lube for a car. Don’t grease your car up once in a while, eventually, it’s going to stop working.

Have a High-Fiber Breakfast

One thing older folk tend to do is get a large helping of fiber in the morning. Most would advise a cereal but any whole grain foods would work as well. In the end, fiber helps them maintain a stable blood sugar level during the day. This is key since lower blood sugar levels are connected to diabetes and of course other heart problems.

Getting Six or More Hours of Sleep

The sweet spot for sleep for younger individuals is seven to nine hours every day. Getting enough sleep can add several hours to your days on Earth. Do this repeatedly and you’ll be adding more days and even years to your life.

Why does sleep help? Well, there is ample of studies that show that lack of sleep can lead to obesity, and heart problems, amongst a slew of other health problems.

Eat Whole Foods, Not Supplements

While supplements can seem like the easiest way to get all the necessary nutrients, it’s not necessarily the key to a longer life. To this day, there is no scientific evidence that shows taking nutrient pills provides anti-aging benefits.

Compare this to whole foods, you’ll find whole foods have a plethora of vitamins all wrapped in one. Take tomatoes for example which have 200 different carotenoids and flavonoids in them. This is significantly more than a handful of pills.

The only thing to keep in mind with whole foods is to avoid nutrient-lacking white foods. Examples are bread, flour, and sugar.

Don’t Be so Neurotic

Dwelling on problems or worrying about things out of your control is actually linked to a shorter lifespan, While there are certainly problems going on in the world, worrying constantly about them does put a strain on us.

If you ever feel stressed, turn to what centenarians do. They practice yoga, do exercises, meditate or take a few deep breaths. These are healthier methods as normally when we feel stressed, we turn to binge eating, or drinking.

The Seventh Day Adventist Lifestyle

Embracing a lifestyle can help you in living a longer life. In this case, it’s a lifestyle called Seventh Day Adventists. On average, Americans who embrace this life to 89, roughly ten years more than the average American.

The idea behind this religion is to cherish your body. This means never smoke, drink alcohol, or overindulge on sweets. Followers of this lifestyle are usually vegetarian and get ample exercise. They also stay active in family and their community.

Staying Connected

On the note of being active in your community, staying connected help. We are social beings in the end. If we isolate ourselves, we can put ourselves into a depressive state which doesn’t help us at all.

This habit is key, especially in times of grief. While people grieve in their own ways, some lock themselves away for long times.

Be Conscientious

Conscientious – prudent, persistent, and well organized. Devoting your life to establishing those values in your life is key. Why is that? Well, those who are conscientious are more prone to taking doctor’s advice, take routine check-ups and make sure they’re taking the right medicines at the right amount.

Living longer is easier than you think. Take these habits to heart and apply them so you can live longer too!

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