If your long-term relationship seems to be stuck in the slumps and you’re simply unsure of how you could possibly relight the spark that once had you and your significant other stuck in the bedroom for days on end when you first met, perhaps it is time to try some new tricks. Whether you are enduring a seemingly endless dry spell, or your sex life seems to feel routine, mundane, and without excitement, you should consider the following incredibly unusual, yet unbelievably satisfying things to try in the bedroom.

However, before attempting these unusual tricks and tips, it would be best to practice communication with your partner to ensure they are fully on board with the idea of trying new things. Even though you may be feeling desperate to relight the old sensual spark, communicating your desires is a key element of a healthy romantic relationship, which is why you should never compromise communication between yourself and your partner, even if the conversation may start off slightly awkward; the effort will go a long way in showing your partner how you feel.

Unusually Satisfying Things To try In The Bedroom

Prostate Massaging

While you may have only ever heard of the male prostate in connection with prostate cancer, there are certain tantalizing ways that you can make your partner feel extremely turned on with prostate massage techniques. Prostate massaging is also referred to as milking the prostate, and the practice is known to treat erectile dysfunction symptoms as well as improve the quality and strength of erections, which means that certain underlying issues that may be at the root cause of your relationships dry spell could be mended with the practice of massaging the prostate regularly. The Enhanced Male is a great place to discover details on prostate milking. While there is a list of reasons this unusual and taboo seeming practice can benefit your sex life, it would be wise to discuss fun ways of prostate milking with your significant other to ensure they are entirely comfortable with the new sensual activity.

Mutual Body Exploration

Even if you aren’t entirely into the whole tantric sex topic, if you have never tried the techniques, it would be well worth the effort. Tantric sex positions and techniques aim to ensure both parties feel maximum pleasure for a maximum time, which means you and your lover will be able to enjoy your time in the bedroom even more. Mutual body exploration could be a category of tantric sensual massage as you and your partner will basically be investing time in the bedroom towards exploring each other in ways you may have never considered before. While the idea may not sound all that unusual, there’s reason to believe that you will both be able to locate new areas of extreme pleasure on your partners’ bodies while avoiding sex to find pleasure in other aspects. When trying this incredible experience, it is best to keep an open mind while allowing your partner to explore any area of your body as you will both be able to find a full understanding of one another physically after a few attempts.

Sex In Risky Places

Not everyone will be on board with the idea of having sex in risky places, therefore, you will need to clarify any doubts with your partner when bringing this idea to the table. However, if your partner finds the idea alluring, there is actually a scientific explanation as to why sex in risky places is somewhat more pleasurable for people; the anxiety during the act raises pleasure astronomically. This is because fear and anxiety will force your body to release more endorphins, which means the experience will be unlike any other. When suggesting places, it is still vital that you and your partner feel some level of comfort towards candidate choices.

Light Bondage and Cosplay

Bondage may seem a bit unusual to most people, although, there’s no reason anyone needs to whip out chains and mouth restraints and incorporate every bondage toy into one experience, which is why attempting light, playful bondage may be a much better choice for those who are not entirely allured by the kink. Therefore, you don’t have to be hanging from the ceiling in a pleather contraption to have a great time, as you could rather make use of fun fluffy handcuffs and consider light spanking or some other aspect of bondage that interests you. You could even merge the ideas of light bondage and cosplay together to enhance the level of fun and playfulness as this is often a beloved kink for countless couples. Cosplaying or roleplaying is not the most difficult act and there are plenty of guides online that will help you find suitable ideas. When it comes to getting ready, the more effort you put in, the better the experience will be for your partner.

Candles and/or Ice

Ice is a commonly used application in the bedroom as the extreme cold will enhance your senses and boost your production of endorphins. What’s more, ice is also extremely cheap and easy to use. However, there will be quite a mess when you’re done so you might want to put some effort into planning the experience beforehand. Using ice is not exactly rocket science either and if you really want to spice things up in the bedroom, you could consider using the heat from candle wax by dripping it onto your partner’s skin before or after a sensual massage as well as moving pieces of ice over their most sensitive areas.

Varying Places

Having sex in different places can be done within your home, therefore, you don’t have to plan weekend trips or hotel night stays simply to bring back the spark. You could simply explore your own home and try connecting with one another in different areas of your home, such as the kitchen, living room, laundry room, and so on. The change of scenery will make a massive impact on the experience, which is why this safe method of changing things up is often a go-to for couples experiencing a dry spell.


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