In this article, we’ll discuss the most popular top 5 sites that every sports lover should visit to get the maximum updates, knowledge, and news regarding their favourite sport. These websites are very famous for their regular updates regarding sports, and these sites engage a lot of users every day.

Top Websites for Sports lovers

Let us go through the top websites that every sports fan should visit in 2020. The websites are mentioned below.

  1. ESPN

It is one of the leading sports websites that was established in 1993. There is any strong competitor to this site. ESPN’s US ranking is 16, whereas the Alexa ranking is 81. The website provides all the latest news, gossips of all the sports live coverage like, NBL, NHL, NASCAR, and many more. The site is very much popular on social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram due to its regular updates. Several people visit the site every single day for regular updates of their favourite sports.

2. Yahoo Sports

The website of Yahoo sports was found in 1997 December. You must already know everything about the site as it is very much popular these days. It was established by Yahoo only. The US ranking of yahoo sports is 5, whereas Alexa ranking is 4. The website provides the users all the gossips, investigation, latest news, and live scores of all the types of sports.

3. Sports Illustrated

The owner of this site is Time Warner. The site gets approximately 20 million visitors every month. The magazine of games illustrated has almost 3.5 million subscribers. It provides all the latest news, gossip, investigation, and live-scores regarding all types of sports in the industry. It is a well-known site among sports fans. It has got Quantcast ranking 121, whereas Alexa ranking is 1068.

  1. ESPN Cricinfo

Do not get confused with the name; the site provides all the latest, breaking news, gossips, investigation, and live scores of all the sports. But it is much more accessible for providing all the necessary updates about cricket. The site gets approximately 20 million visitors every month. The site was established in 1993 by Doctor Simon King. The website is well known for amazing pictures in regular latest updates of all types of sports in the field.


The website was launched in 1994. It provides all the breaking news, latest updates, sports investigation, and live scores of all sports. The site is top-rated on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This site also gets millions of visitors every month. The site is very famous for its excellent sports coverage and live updates of sports.


If you are a sports fan, these sites are the best for you; they provide regular updates about all the sports. These sites get millions of visitors regularly engaged every day. Go through all the websites mentioned above to get the latest blogs regarding your favourite sports. Apart from this, if you are interested in the field of online sports betting, then you must check out the site of SBObet as it is one of the best bookmakers in the industry. Be sure to visit the official SBObet website to place a bet on your favourite sports. Alternatively, if you like slots and card games, visit one of the online websites that offer these type of games.



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