Things To Know Before You Buy Hunter Boots

Everyone is aware that the winter season is known for its rainy days and periodic snowfall. Starting with your feet and the ideal rain boots, you can be ready to face those days.

Things To Know Before You Buy Hunter Boots

There are so many possibilities that choosing the best boot for you can be confusing. Here is a simple buying guide for the ideal pair of Hunter Boots.

Let’s first grasp a few ideas concerning Hunter Boots, though, before moving on.

The Origin of the Boots

Although Hunter Boots is best recognised for its recognisable green hunter wellies, the brand also produces a wide variety of apparel, backpacks, and accessories. The North British Rubber Company was established in Scotland in 1856 by an American man named Henry Lee Norris and his business partner, Spencer Thomas Parmelee. The company is a British heritage brand. Under Charles Goodyear’s patent, they started making rubber overshoes, boots, tyres, hot water bottles, and rubber flooring.

By the middle of the 1870s, the company had expanded and blossomed to 600 employees from the work of just four workers. The demand for durable rubber boots to protect the soldiers’ feet and legs in the trenches at the start of World War I. 

The Original Green Wellington, which eventually evolved into the Original Boot, got the recognisable style it is today in 1956. The boots are hand-made into rain boots for men, women, and kids on the market today using 28 distinct pieces. They are the boots for which Hunter Boot Limited, a company with offices in London, New York, and Düsseldorf, as well as its current headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland, has become well-known.



If you typically wear an 8.5, size down to an 8 because Hunter Boots are only available in full sizes and tend to run large. If you typically wear a full size, stay with that. Women who wear a 7.5 or lower can easily fit into children’s sizes and start saving money right now!

The best aspect is that nobody will even notice you are wearing children’s boots because they are all made identically. In fact, it’s one of Hunter Boots’ selling features. Kids’ shoes should often be sized down two sizes. A size 5 children’s shoe should suit someone who is a size 7. One thing to bear in mind is that the children’s version has a shaft height that is roughly an inch shorter.


Hunter Boots come in two different styles: tall and short. The shaft height of the tall boots is 16 inches, while that of the short boots is 10 inches. It really just comes down to personal opinion; you either want them tall or short.

Tall boots make it too uncomfortable and sweaty to labour in the warmer, rainier months. The short boot, however, allows me to wear a boot sock with them on cooler days and has greater mobility in my legs.


The Hunter boot’s finish is a preference once more. Glossy or matte finishes are the two options available. The matte is plainer and more industrial-looking.

The glossy variant is highly polished and appears incredibly slick. If purchasing a bright hue, such as red, it is preferable to select the glossy finish. The glossy version’s lack of “bloom” is another selling factor. When insoluble particles rise to the surface, rubber naturally blooms as a result.


Hunter Boots come in a variety of styles, from the traditional to the packable.

Original tall

The original Hunter Boot, as the name implies, had a 15.25-inch hole and a 15-inch shaft. The majority of people will likely be able to use this version, however, ladies with larger calves may want to consider models with wider openings.

Original short

The 10 inch shaft and 14.5 inch aperture of the short variant of the original Hunter Boot. They are simple to put on and take off, making them a wonderful alternative to traditional rain boots.


This variant is intended for women who require a bit more space in the calf region. It’s ideal for those of you who have been using the stair-master at the gym excessively. This version has a 14 inch shaft and a somewhat bigger 16.5 inch aperture.


The shaft length of this variation is 15 inches, the same as the boot’s original length. Additionally, it has an opening that is adjustable between 15 and 20 inches. If the original boot opening is too small for you, this version is ideal for layering and wearing a boot sock.


Actually folding up to fit in a bag, these Hunter boots. These are fantastic if you intend to take them on trips. There are options for both tall and short people.

Chelsea Rain Boots

The Chelsea Rainboot is a more modern variation of the traditional Hunter boot. It’s a more fashionable, shorter variation of the traditional boot. When you want to feel more like a shoe, wear these on warmer days. Additionally, it’s ideal for wearing when the snow begins to melt and turns extremely mushy.



Hunter Boots should only be worn in the rain or in the snow. Hunter Boots are primarily designed to keep your feet dry while it’s raining.

Although these aren’t officially winter boots, if you spend too much time outside, your feet will become chilly. In addition to a typical warm foot sock in the winter, you can wear it with a boot sock.


Given that rubber is a natural substance and a component of Hunter Boots, adequate boot maintenance is crucial. They should be kept in a dry, cool environment. You can notice a white powdery deposit on the boots after storing them for a season or two. This process is called blooming. Your boots may appear to be damaged, but they are not. High-quality natural rubber occasionally blooms, but it is simple to remove. To clean your boots, utilise the Hunter Rubber Care Kit, which includes a spray and buffer. They can be returned to their original state using these products and a little elbow grease.

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