The Most Recommended Methods to become very Rich in RuneScape Game


RuneScape is currently one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) on the Internet. With over 200 million registered accounts, RuneScape has earned recognition as the world’s most popular MMORPG according to Guinness records. A quite impressive achievement considering the large number of video games of this genre that exist today, thus demonstrating the large number of loyal fans who have followed RuneScape during all its years in force until today. The popular Jagex video game offers a medieval fantasy world called Gielinor where players are allowed to travel and make their way freely through each region.

Every RuneScape player has the goal of becoming a Master who surpasses the others, and to achieve it you need: Have the best armor and equipment, but above all, you need to earn a lot of money.

The achievement of getting rich in RuneScape is not easy as it demands a lot of time and effort, however, with a good strategy is possible to make things much easier. For that reason, in order to help you, I will mention and explain in detail: the best methods to earn a lot of money in RuneScape.

1) Find the skill of your choice and start earning money with it

There are currently more than 25 possible skills to try in RuneScape. Select a skill and train with it as much as possible, because each one of them has its good point to make some money or to make you very strong. Whether you choose a process skill (potion making and herb identification, rune making, arrow and bow making, Forging and Kitchen) or a resource skill (Hunting, Fishing, Mining, Planting and Cutting Trees), more expensive items may be produced or received as you move up levels in a given skill. Items created from raw materials have a higher rate of return. For example, with Woodcutting skill you can make a large amount of money by cutting down trees and selling them in stores or to people.

The Mining & Smiting skills are one of the most fundamental to get rich in RuneScape, as it offers you the possibility of obtaining Gold along with the option of transforming it into armor and thus be able to reinforce your equipment or your income.

If you intend to experiment with a combat skill (Attack, Strength, Defense, Archery, Magic and Custom Elimination) you’ll earn combat levels that will allow you to become stronger and gain the ability to fight high-level monsters. The higher the level of the monster, the greater the probability of receiving an amazing and profitable item.

Some extra skills (Summoning, Religion, Lighting Fire and Building) require money to test them, and for that reason it is not recommended to learn them until you have the resources to do so.

2) Keep all the gold you get

RuneScape Gold is one of the most commercialized objects of all MMORPG video games, and this is because RuneScape gold not only has competition in the game itself, but also has real money value whose market has always had a lot of demand. Having said all that, it is recommended not to spend money on unimportant items such as clothing. Buy only what you need to complete the current task. It’s fun to spend your Gold on curious or cool items, but if you save it you’ll eventually be able to buy armor and high level weapons and then use them to defeat higher level monsters that give you higher rewards. You should also keep in mind the favorite option of many, which is to buy RuneScape Gold with real money. With this option you can get many good offers and the ease of having many payment methods. It also adds the fact that the more gold you get, the more opportunities you have to invest it in order to earn more profit.

3) Buy items on the Grand Exchange for the purpose of selling them for profit

One of the most remarkable features of all RuneScape is the Grand Exchange.This market consists of an exchange system where players can market their items to other players. The main way to make money on the Grand Exchange is to take advantage of its constantly changing market, and to achieve this you must examine the updated prices of the various items on the Grand Exchange to buy them at the cheapest possible price. All this with the aim of waiting for the items previously bought to rise in price, and then sell them and make profits. But it is very important to keep in mind that Grand Exchange prices change constantly day after day. Because of this, it is extremely important to inspect Grand Exchange prices every day.

Items that are always in high demand are more likely to increase in price in the future. Some items that are normally in high demand are the water bottle, rope and some raw materials.

4) Complete many of RuneScape’s missions

RuneScape has a lot of missions, and each one of them gives us a good reward when we complete it. There are several types of rewards, among them you can find: Gold, experience points, highly versatile items and access to new areas of RuneScape. You can always make a profit by completing a mission and gaining access to a new city, which will allow you to fight more monsters more profitably.

5) Steal items and sell them on the Grand Exchange

In RuneScape there is the Theft skill, which allows you (as the name implies) to strip other players or NPCs of their items. As the Steal skill increases in level, there is a greater chance of stealing increasingly profitable items. One of the most profitable and recommended items to steal are seeds. This is because seeds are in great demand and can be stolen from a Sowing Master. When it is possible to steal from a Seed Master it is possible to obtain a high possibility of receiving the seeds of Herbs. Depending on the seed, some are sold for up to 250,000 OSRS Gold (Runescape main currency) (depending on the updated price in the Grand Exchange). The Snapdragon, Torstol and Ranarr are always in high demand, so their price is usually high.

6) Buy a lot of coal on the Grand Exchange and then sell it

To perform this method you have to go to the Grand Exchange market. When you are here you must buy the coal and set the minimum price you would pay for it. It is recommended to have a budget of 10,000 OSRS Gold and buy as much coal as possible with that money. If you don’t get charcoal at the set price, then increase it a little, or wait longer. When you spend all the money on coal you should sell it at as high a price as the Grand Exchange allows. Wait a while, and if no sales are found, then you should do the opposite of when you were buying coal (lower the price little by little, until you get a sale).

When all the coal is sold, a big profit can be achieved (about 50% -60% profit). This process should be repeated until approximately 100,000 – 500,000 RS Gold are obtained. After this it will be much easier to make a lot of money, as you will be able to buy much more coal at once, and thus increase your profits more and more.

7) Defeat several Chaos Druids

Fighting monsters and then earning rewards from them is one of the most common ways to enrich you in all MMORPGs, and RuneScape is no exception. In this videogame there are many monsters that guarantee us great benefits with their defeat, and among them we can highlight: “The Druids of Chaos”.

This monster is one of the main preys of every novice player. The Chaos Druid can be found in the Chaos Druid tower and the Edgeville resource dungeon. This monster has a combat level of 13 and a few 200 Life Points. Defeating this enemy is simple and also provides expensive items. Druids are famous for the rate of herbs they drop. Depending on the prices found on the Grand Exchange, with each Chaos Druid defeated you can purchase up to 9,000 OSRS Gold. The Chaos Druids also release runes of Law and Nature.

RuneScape is an MMORPG that offers a world full of great possibilities for each of its players, but the only way to harness the potential of all Gielinor is to get as much money as possible. That said, it is hoped that these strategies have been properly detailed and can help them achieve their goal of becoming Rich in Runescape. Bearing in mind that in order to do each of these methods, it is necessary to have a lot of patience and to know how to invest money wisely.


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