Car amplifiers can boost the stereo signals which are sent to the car speakers. This drives the speakers with excellent and independent power boost. You’ll see that there are 2 power ratings as you shop for the new car amplifier.

                 Matching Car Speakers and Car Amplifier

RMS power: This one measures the chunk of constant power that the car amplifier makes use of to drive the speakers. Ensure that the RMS power on the amplifier has matched with the underlying RMS power rating on the speakers or subwoofer for preventing the potential damages of the car speaker

Peak power: This one indicates the amount of wattage the car amplifier currently has available to deal with short and/or sudden hikes in sound. This number can always be much higher compared to that of RMS.

There are 3 kinds of amplifiers for cars, namely – mono, 2-channel, and 4-channel.

  • Mono amplifiers: They’re meant to power one single speaker.
  • 2-channel amplifiers: They boost up the signal to 2 speakers along with a subwoofer.
  • 4-channel amplifiers: They boost up the signal into 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers; 2 speakers and one single subwoofer (there could be other configurations in between, though).

Choosing the Best Car Amplifier

Find the appropriate car amplifier is not a daunting task. You could get something to suit your taste, car, or pocketbook.

Getting good bass

Do you wish to get a jovial bass line? Then you should try to get a car amplifier comes with a really low-passing filter which barely sends out lower frequency notes into the subwoofer. It’ll keep the subwoofer from reproducing high notes.

Improving higher frequency audio

Car amplifiers that come with integrated high-pass filters can prevent the tweeters from reproducing low-frequency sounds.

Looking for solid speaker-level inputs

According to MechanicFAQ blog, today, majority of the car stereos are installed and assembled at the factory. So they come with built-in amplifiers. So it’s better if you look up car amplifiers featuring speaker-level inputs which process such already-amplified signals.

Providing extra amplifications

You could try and connect a car amplifier to the other if you want to drive different speakers. When you wish to have a special multi-amplifier system, ensure that the primary amplifier has come with special preamp output. This ensures that you’re able to send a signal into the secondary amp.

In most of the cases, you’ll find new car amplifiers as well as used car amplifiers if you look on eBay. People save a lot by purchasing used amplifiers and if you’re lucky, you can get one of the latest models. Audiophiles are upgrading their equipments on a regular basis and they are selling their used amplifiers at noteworthy discount.

Buying Car Amplifiers With Due Confidence

Before you make your purchase, ensure that you’re fully aware of what you are buying. Do some research on the seller trying to understand exactly how eBay or PayPal can protect you. It also matters whether and how much you know the purchase.

For high priced amplifiers, make sure you get insurance from the seller while your product is being shipped to your address. Try to cautiously read all the details set within the item listings. And when you want to shop for the new car amplifier, this can help if you figure out delivery costs in the final price.

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