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“Jailer” is an upcoming Tamil film directed by Nelson Dileep Kumar. The Veteran actor Rajinikanth starring Jailer will release soon. The latest update from the industry is Jailer is not going to release this summer of 2023. Initially, the plan is for it will be released on April 14, 2023. But now the plan changed due to 3 important reasons.

Jailer Release date Announcement video:

Reasons for the movie postponement:

The main reason is there are plenty of scenes that still need to make. Yes, recently the film finished 100 days of shooting. But still needs lots of scenes. The Bollywood movie star is also part of this movie. He is on a busy schedule and his date is still not available. So, some portions are still bending.

Another reason is Ponniyin Selvan 2 was released this summer 2023. PS-1 has a great response from the audience. So, PS-2 also running successfully. They thought, if both films are released together there will be fewer theatres for each. This is another reason.

Another reason is Rajinikanth health issues. 72 Years Rajinikanth is still Super Star in the Tamil cinema industry. He had lots of health issues previously. So, the production doesn’t hurry to come all the days for shooting.

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Rajinikanth’s Jailer post-production work will kickstart in June month.

Release date of Jailer:

The recent update from the industry is the movie will going to be released on 10th August 2023. 

Who is the Music director of The Jailer?

Anirudh Ravichandran is the music director of The Jailer.

What are the songs in Jailer?

There are already three singles released by Sun Pictures on Youtube named Kaavaala, Hukum & Jujubee. All the songs are breaking records on Youtube.

What is the Story of Jailer?

Rajinikanth acted as a name of Muthuvel Pandian. He is a warden of a prison. In that prison, the villain is also there. Villain gangs try to help the villain escape from prison. But how Jailer Muthuvel Pandian managed to deal with all these shits is the story.

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