It is always better not to get into an accident, here are some tips from the family doctor to keep you safe.  A negligent driver has injured you while cycling.  What steps to take to increase your success of getting the best settlement you are entitled to.

Treat this type of accident the same way you would treat any motor vehicle collision.  Take the drivers, vehicles, and insurance details.  Call the police to file an incident report.  List names and contact numbers of witnesses.  You may have to recall the details of the incident later.  Write down the details of the incident as soon as possible to keep the events clear and fresh in your mind.

Seek medical attention even if you feel okay.  Shock may hide symptoms, and other symptoms may develop later.  This article 7 delayed injury symptoms after a car crash gives a list of delayed symptoms.  This will serve as a record that may be used as evidence later.

You can claim for the damage to your bike and personal injury.  Different aspects determine how much you can claim for and limit the strength of your case.

The first aspect of consideration is what was your responsibility in the incident.  The amount you can claim for is the percentage the driver is negligent.  If the driver is found to be 75% guilty you can claim 75% of the value of the claim.

Calculate the value of the claim by adding your out of pocket expenses.  Loss of income you may have incurred.  Further, you can claim for personal injury and suffering.  Calculated as a multiplication of the costs. 

Pain and suffering is where the law becomes complicated.  You may want to contact a specialized lawyer to get the best settlement for you.  Visit a reputable bike accident lawyer website for more details. 

Pain and suffering include physical and psychological pain you felt at the time of the incident; during the recovery period and future pain you are expected to feel.  Keep records during your recovery.  This may include notes or detailed journals of your emotional and physical experience.

To keep yourself as guilt-free as possible you are required to follow all the road rules applicable to every road user.  If you use the road surface, follow the road rules governing motor vehicles.  If you are making use of the sidewalk follow the appropriate pedestrian laws.

There are extra rules you have to adhere to:

  • You are allowed to use any road regardless of the availability of dedicated bicycle or shoulder lanes.
  • You are permitted to take up the whole lane if it is too narrow to allow a vehicle and bicycle to share it.
  • Stay in the right-hand lane as far as possible. 
  • Use the correct hand signals as appropriate.

Laws may differ between states, check the local listing to see if there are any differences.  Be observant and keep safe while you are cycling.

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