There is nothing quite like relaxing at home after a long week. Whether you like to put on Netflix, some music, play video or board games, chat with your loved ones or do yoga in the living room, we all unwind in different ways. Yet if your home is cluttered, crowded and cramped it can be tough to let your hair down. Studies show that a cluttered environment can even lead to negative stress, with all its detrimental impacts on health and wellbeing. So, if you’ve been thinking about decluttering, this article is for you! Let’s discuss some clutter care and how you can bring order and peace back to your home decor.

Clutter Care How to Bring Order Back to Your Home Decor

Switch Up Your Window Dressings

Did you know that too large curtains or blinds can add to the feeling of a cluttered environment? Get some ready made curtains cut to a smaller size and free up your window space. Make sure to pick a colour and design that either compliments or contrasts with the rest of your palette in the room. For example, if you have a neutral paint scheme some dark curtains will offset the aesthetic nicely.

Does it Spark Joy?

Take a leave out of the Marie Kondo book. Look around your decorations, artwork and other trinkets. Pick it up. Weigh it in your hand. Does it spark immediate joy? Or are you hanging on to it for nostalgia’s sake? If it doesn’t spark joy, donate it to your local opportunity shop, give it away on Facebook or Gumtree or just throw it out. Or, for the entrepreneur within you, consider selling it.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Decluttering your home decorations can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of decorations, ornaments and other knick-knacks. The key here is to take it one room at a time. Start with the most crowded room. Slowly work your way through it, then, when you’re done, take a break. Even leave it until another day. When you’re ready, tackle the next room. And so on until your whole home is feeling sparse and you have room to breathe.

Find The Sweet Spot

Each room has a “sweet spot”. This is the feeling that you get when you have rearranged, and you step back and assess how you feel looking at the room and being in it. Declutter a room and rearrange your decor in different ways until you find the sweet spot. You’ll know it when you feel it. It’s a feeling of being just right. Decorate each room until your sweet spot is singing for each one.

Consider A Style and Colour Revamp

While you are decluttering your decor, think about switching up some colours and styles. This might be a great time to hit up the charity stores to find some bargains, even as you’re donating your older decorations. For example, you might replace the artwork in your dining room, the throw pillows in the lounge room and change the window dressings in your bathroom.

A Decluttered Conclusion

It’s easy to bring some order back to your home decor. Consider changing your window dressings to a style more sparse and pared back. Take a leave out of the Kondo book and get rid of items that don’t spark joy. Tackle one room at a time if it feels a bit much. Find the sweet spot for each room, and consider a style and colour change while you’re at it. Now enjoy your new, minimal space. You’ve earned it.


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