Combi or System Boiler Installation

Deciding between the system and the combi boiler will ultimately come down to your home’s heating and hot water demands.

For small houses with one bathroom, there is no better option than a combi boiler. It offers the possibility of drawing hot water directly from high-efficiency devices, which saves on the electricity bills.

Combi or System Boiler Installation

As beneficial as a combi boiler is, it cannot offer a strong supply of water to multiple faucets or showers at once, so if you have two bathrooms, you ought to go for a system boiler. In this article, we’ll take a view at both the combi and system boiler to determine which is best where and why.

What’s the difference between a system boiler and a combi boiler?

Combi boilers or “combination” boilers are used to provide both hot water and heating in a single compacted unit. They are suitable for family homes or apartments that cannot accommodate space in a single hot water tank or the headbox, especially due to space constraints.

However, these boilers have limits. In particular, it is designed to support only one channel at a time, which makes it less suitable for homes with large hot water needs. Combination boilers naturally change the burner from heating to hot water whenever there is a lot of demand. This can affect the heating performance of the boiler.

The system boiler, on the other hand, has a separate tank for storing hot water. The main components of the hot water system and heating are integrated into the boiler, but the hot water is kept in cylinders. This means that constant hot water can be supplied to many taps and showers simultaneously. This makes it ideal for families with several bathrooms and has a higher demand for hot water and heating.

The disadvantages are that they can be costly to buy, install and repair. Any London boiler company should offer the option of the two boilers.

Which boiler to go for and when?

The choice of which boiler to go for and when comes down to the size of the home and the water demand. For a smaller home, it is advisable to go for a combi boiler as it is more efficient when it comes to a small demand and also costs way less in terms of maintenance and installation.

However, for a larger household, with much more water demand, it is advisable to go for a system boiler due to the fact that it can handle way more demand as compared to a combi boiler.

Other factors to contemplate

How much space the system require?

One of the most essential considerations when choosing a system boiler is whether there is enough space. If your house has a closet, this can be the perfect place to house a hot water tank, but remember that you will not be able to use this space for storage. Energy grant specialists can also help homeowners make their homes more energy efficient through the use of heating and insulation grants. Most notably they can help a homeowner apply for government backed funding for a central heating grant.

You must also take into account the additional space required for the casing. The system boiler does not require a headbox in the attic, so it is suitable for homes without attic space or homes where the attic has been renovated.

The Hot water demand

Another important consideration in determining which boiler to go for is the quantity of hot water that will be required in future. In most homes, with only a shower and bathtub, a 24 to 30 kW boiler is generally recommended. If you have an additional bathroom, a larger boiler of 30 to 35 kW is recommended.

However, if you have multiple bathrooms that can be used simultaneously, a system boiler that preserves hot water in a chamber may be more appropriate.

Also consider the fact that if you have a young family, the demand may increase as your child grows. The system boiler preheats and preserves hot water in steel cylinders. Another advantage is that the power can be adjusted to meet the heating needs of the house. Therefore, a 30 kW boiler can generally be replaced by a 19 kW system boiler. The installer can provide you with appropriate suggestions for your boiler installation.

Size of property

In addition to providing hot water, your boiler can also be the main cradle of heating for the property. In short, you need to go for a boiler large enough to provide enough heat for the entire house. The size of a domestic boiler is generally dignified in terms of heating power which is generally between 5kW to 35 kW.

It is not economical to go for a boiler that can supply 15 radiators for an apartment that cannot accommodate all these radiators. Keep in mind, though, that the attribute size alone is not the most efficient way to determine the correct boiler size. The calculation of heat loss is a much better way to determine the boiler to go for. Also, remember having a boiler in good condition will help sell your house quickly if you intend to do so in the future.

Heat loss

The heat loss from your property is a more complex calculation that takes into account not only the number of radiators and the floor space but also the insulation and other factors that affect the efficiency of the heating system. Experts can calculate the heat lost in a house on the coolest day of the year and use this data to calculate the optimal size of the boiler you should go for. A gas safe engineer can also help with this and may suggest a new boiler installation.

Existing system

It is imperative to determine if you want to keep the same systems that you already have in your home. From a cost and practice perspective, it is often best to keep the same system. However, in some cases, it is sometimes better to go for a new boiler installation. This is the norm for old houses since new houses generally have the latest systems. Also, keep in mind that space requirements vary from system to system and are not always appropriate.

The choice of the type of boiler to go for maybe a bit difficult. However, with this information, it should be relatively easier to choose a boiler for your home. Also, gas safe engineer can help you determine the boiler to go for. If you are in the UK specifically in London, you can go for new boiler installation in London. A professional London boiler company should help you with all your queries about boiler installation and related issues.

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