How to reduce background sound in Microphones?

How to reduce background sound in Microphones

Introduction The use of Microphones has increased a lot in the entertainment industry which has also proven to be widely accepted by the audiences. The sound quality delivered by these Microphones is of high quality and ensures a better experience for the audience. However internally it is observed that mostly the overall performance of a … Read more

What is a condenser microphone and how does it work?

condenser microphone

Introduction: With the progression of technological innovations and ideas, the need for microphones has grown drastically. Considering how user-friendly and easy to handle Microphones are, it is considered to be a well-known choice among mankind. Especially in the entertainment industry, the use of these microphones has seen a major rise which can further testify to … Read more

Difference Between Soldering Guns vs Soldering Irons

Difference between Soldering Guns vs Soldering Irons

You’ve heard about soldering irons and soldering guns. You think to yourself, what’s the difference between them? After all, they both do soldering related activities. But here’s a surprising fact for you. Although they are used for soldering purposes, both of them have significant differences. Also, if you haven’t taken up much soldering work, then … Read more

Digital vs Analog Bathroom Scales (What is the difference)

weighing scale

There are several purposes for which weighing scales are used. From weighing ingredients for the recipe, measuring substances for the practical exams to finding out about the total weight of the person, the purposes will vary. One of the key reasons for using a weighing scale to measure an item is that it provides accurate … Read more