Do you need to acquire new hardware or just change your old printer at the end of its life? At first glance, this might seem easy. Specialty stores and the Internet offer a wide range of the best in printing. But in front of the multitude, a question teases you: how to choose your office printer?

Here are 5 simple tips to properly target the criteria you need to consider when buying or renting your new printer.

1) Calculate the space you have to accommodate your new printer

When you buy a printer, it’s important to measure the space where your hardware will go. Many dimensions are available and the choices vary according to the characteristics of the printers and the options they offer. Simple printers will require less encroachment compared to the more complex devices that provide scanner and fax. For example, if your new printer has the scan function, check the available height to open the cover comfortably! In another register, if you do not take a connected device, be sure to position your printer near your computer!

2) Identify the main print media you will use

Before buying your printer, you need to have a vision of how you want to use your new tool. Indeed, your needs will determine the specificities that your equipment will need. You will inevitably find a printer suitable for your use among the wide range offered by the market. Do you mainly print monochrome text? Do you prefer to complete your albums by shooting your photos? Or, do you want to edit the curves and graphics of your next commercial presentation? Depending on your goals, it will be relevant whether you choose inkjet or laser technology.

3) Determine the quantity and quality of the documents you want to print

Depending on your requirements, you should also focus on three complementary criteria: print speed, print resolution, and cartridge consumption. The satisfaction of your expectations depends strongly on the balance that you will give to this trio! The speed of printing is expressed in page per minute. In case you are looking for a war-thunderbolt able to spit 100 pages per minute, all in color, head to a high-quality inkjet printer. The price will certainly be higher, but you will enjoy fast printing and excellent quality. Ideal for printing your photos for example!

4) Choose the features that meet your needs

Do you plan other services besides printing when you go to buy your printer? Just walk through the specialty stores or browse the Net to realize that the printer that just print no longer has the wind in its sails. Still, you have to consider the question well. No need to clutter with a multifunction model if your wish is to edit text. Instead, go to a laser printer that will bring you the comfort you need to satisfy your ambition!

5) To be or not to be connected

As technology continues to evolve, you now have the opportunity to buy your connected printer.

What for ?

Typically, your printer is connected to a computer with a USB cable. This is a stable connection that will satisfy you if you only want to print from your computer. But now, with connected technology, you can push your printing experience further by directly connecting your smartphone, tablet or camera to your Wi-Fi printer! At any time and according to your desires, you will be able to launch your impressions since the support which you use. Ideal when many family members want to enjoy the performance of your printer.

In conclusion, you must take the time to carefully determine your expectations if you intend to buy a printer that will meet all your requirements!

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