13 Best Windshield Wiper Blades in 2023 (For rain & snow)

Best Windshield Wiper Blades | Best Windshield Wiper Blades in 2019

Among all the different parts of your car that needs maintenance, the windshield wipers are probably the most neglected and forgotten thing. There is nothing fashionable, exotic, beautiful or even exciting about windshield wipers. They are generally not given any attention. But they are one of the most important parts of the car. They serve … Read more

10 Best Synthetic Engine Oil in 2023 (For high mileage)

best synthetic oil review

The main function of engine oil is to diminish metal-to-metal contact thereby reducing friction and wear. Heat is generated out of friction that again leads to high wear and damages the moving engine parts after a certain period. The oil also regulates the engine’s temperature. Engine Oil removes sludge throughout the engine. The engine will … Read more

How to Choose the Right Roof Rack?

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Guide to Choosing the Right Roof Rack for your Vehicle Roof Racks for Your Vehicle You can increase the storage capacity of your automobile by using high-quality roof racks. You can install a modern roof rack on your car in just a few minutes. It will give a robust and stable platform for carrying objects … Read more