When comes to movie, game or presentation, all can be only exerted to best experience is on large screen. Especially, the perfect performance comes along with utmost movement freedom, another boost for game and presentation.

Hence, one good signal wireless video transmitter is of great importance. Whereas, traditional transmitter can involves multiple cables and complicated installation steps, so still, sole reliance on traditional transmission tech has not ended.

Imagine you can get one plug-n-play transmitter to apply on your phones, then you can stream Netfilx or Hulu on your big TV immediately, or apply on your game console, then you can play games on big TV any time you want, isn’t it strike as unrealistic?

That is the reason why we have to make this guide to introduce 5 Best Wireless HDMI Transmitter to make true your watching movie on patio.

1. iFoo H2 Pro mmwave Zero Latency HDMI Extender Transmitter-Best Overall

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Dedicated with several years by iFoo brand, mmWave technology marks the beginning of the transmitter technology.

iFoo is one newly minted brand with ferocious momentum. It’s H2 Pro transmitter take over as the fastest transmitter in the market. 5 times than the WiFi 6 with 3.96G/s speed, the H2 Pro transmitter can bring literal zero-latency experience to users.

But hang on, that’s just a warm up.

Beyond fast speed, H2 Pro transmitter can keep audio and video format intact while transferring, which is not easy, nor for the most of the existent transmitter. Forge ahead with more strengths, no lag between audio and video, just like Jack and Rose from Titanic. The video goes, the sound goes.

Why is it unique?

The most distinguishing one is the transmitter marks one critical milestone on the road of transmission speed, which is literal zero latency that can bring unprecedented experience of projecting game on big screen for playing.

It is with a very excited heart I write about this product cause I am a games fanatic, whether Nintendo, PS/5 or Xbox, all can be said “Goodbye, bulky game box”.

Secondly, it’s size is as tiny as to be off the charts, just like one Snickers. In terms of carry-around convenience, it clears the hurdle of the long signal horns on the other transmitters, with neat and smooth shape.

Third, the accelerated speed of this transmitter can go down as fastest ever, with zero latency, for which reason it got the nickname of “Tiny The Flash” among the customers. Most of the transmitters may get the lag between the devices and on projector, hence lousy movie or online conference experience occur, worse to convert you to be a toxic player in game team. But with H2 Pro transmitter, you can be assured this kind of situation will never happen.

Buyer’s Experience

With Kickstarter crowdfunding platform as the “launch pad”, H2 Pro transmitter spiked more than 2400% goal, along with great opportunity to collect customers’ feedback with survey. By statistics, most of the customers use it to project movie hand in hand with game on big TV, and think it can meet their requirement. As wish to be accomplished , they are very willing to share this product to their friends or family.

Whereas, some customers can grapple for a while of the first time pairing, for the button can be sometimes hard to be pressed. But when they get hands on it, no such troubles for them any more, but rather than comes with the convenience of sole button operation, and no APP installation, along with no cable hassles.


—3.96G/s super fast speed ;

—zero latency between devices and projector;

—plug and play;

—very compact;

—no data format damage during transmission


—the transmitter distance is only 100FT;

—button is kind of hard to press;

—the price is kind of high;

2. ScreenBeam HDMI to HDMI Extender-Most Reliable

Wireless HD Transmitter & Receiver Extender

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Previously as Actiontec, the ScreenBeam had been put into the market since 2014, along with mature customers service group and reliable technique support, which spin off the most reliable brand among all these transmitter.

With 150 foot range and strong signal transmission power to go through 2-3 walls or floors, it can make the wish, watching TV on patio, to come true, without running messy cables around the whole house.

Fit for all HDMI media device, so no restriction of whether cable, satellite, Blu-ray or set-top boxes, one for all gadget.

Why is it unique?

All is about its strong signal transmission, a hard nut to crack for the existent transmitter, which is a crucial point to be considered while buying, for most people want it to reach utmost distance freedom.

As tested, most of the peers can not even make the valid connection within one room sometimes, not to mention through several rooms. Even some can manage to keep the signal across rooms, they can not guarantee steadiness.

Which comes to another strength of it, the low interference. When it comes to this kind of products, the signal can be affected by many elements, which is very hard to be solved cause signal from devices are all about.

But not this one, that is the reason it strikes a new score on record.

Buyer’s Experience

Being a brand with a population of faithful customers, this transmitter gets a base of buyers, some who can even get several transmitters of this brand in their house. As usual, most of customers end up with high satisfaction with it.

Whereas, they are looking for better signal speed, the zero latency, cause there could be a slight of lag, which problem I think will be solved in the next version.


—strong transmission capability

—steady connection

—reliable brand reputation

—easy to be installed


—A little lag of the signal

—need to reset sometimes

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3. 656FT Transmission Distance HDMI Extender-the longest distance

hdmi extender reviews

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For all-home wireless freedom, get one of this.

656FT transmission distance can cover almost 256 square meters, which can meets the needs of most of the family house. With typical transmitter horns, it promise steady signal while expand the distance to the extreme.

Why is it unique?

No such transmitter can reach so far, with the top limitation of 250FT at most, which makes it the farthest on record.

Who does not want a one-for-once kit to save the troubles, especially when you are having a party with loose heart, when the complicated installation is the last thing you want.

Buyer’s Experience

First, the transmission distance definitely works like a charm for them, and most of them use it at home, which explains why it does not abandon the bulky size design, with which for the exchange of longest transmission distance.

Whereas, there is not the final word, cause sometimes there could be some audio lag through wall for the interference of remote signal or other, but not in the situation when you does not get the receiver too far from the transmitter.

But still, it still weigh in the competition with good scores.


—super long transmission distance


—not travel-friendly

—audio lag through wall sometimes

4. Mini 500FT Range Transmitter Set-most economical

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Now meet with the “tiniest speed bomb”.

This transmitter has all dimensional “B+” levels for all points, whether transmission distance, resolution, convenience or speed, but the price and the size pull the level to “A” for it.

Why is it unique?

The tiniest transmitter so far, with the size of 45*42*32mm

so tiny just like a walnut. Also, the round shape makes it very fit to be put into the pocket, without feeling a burden or prick.

A tiny gadget for entertainment especially when you are waiting in airport or coffee house, plug and play feature is very convenient for immediate using.

Buyer’s Experience

At first, some of the customers suspect this tiny thing could step down over a balance of time, maybe even a very strikingly short time, which to be proved a unnecessary worry.

Maybe some customers buy this transmitter out of curiosity, but they all end up with settling with it for long-term use. So don’t judge a book by its appearance, it always makes sense.

The super tiny size obscures all the shortness. They love its mini feature, and feel it’s quite easy to be hide.


—economical price

—mini Size

—500FT long distance


—the port is not HDMI or Type-C

—hard to tell from transmitter and receiver for the first time use

—speed could be kind of low

5. J-tech Wide Frequency Dual Antenna Transmitter- top pick

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Another old-fashioned brand with long history, just like ScreenBeam. I believe some of the movie fans vote in favor of this brand for its quality, a good quality that descends from many years ago.

Brand is the visible proof of the quality, so the reason why I recommend this product cause I have great trust of this brand no matter its quality or service.

Why is it unique?

It can connect 2 receivers to 1 transmitter at the same time, so all you need to do is to switch the signal source. With the automatic memory of former connection, it’s more convenient.

Buyer’s Experience

Many buyers have been using this product for 7 or 8 years, and it still work flawlessly. What amazed me it that, some feedbacked with no drop-offs strong signal and synchronized video/audio during the whole using period.

Yes, it could be a little expensive, but the quality lives up to the price. Besides, such long-term lifetime equals several exchanged items, which actually can save lots of money.


—free 1 Year warranty

—ability to connect 2 receivers meanwhile

—reliable quality


—light could be bright

Buying Guide

Some could hang back when making a decision to pick the transmitter, but among all bunches of specifications, you can determine whether it’s the one you need with a few factors.

  1. The transmission speed

You can tell the speed by the specification of transmission rate, with the unit of either G/s or MB/s. 1 G/s equals 1024MB/s, the bigger it is, the faster the transmitter can be.

  1. The signal steadiness

To identify this factor, you can check the specification of transmission band. Typical WiFi has the band of 2.4GHz, and the 3G or 4G have the band of 5GHz. But since 5G has come out, so the best band should be 60GHz.

  1. The resolution

The specification of resolution is 1080P, 4K and 8K. The spec is the compatible resolution of this product, which means if you buy one with 1080P resolution, you can only get 1080P even you put 4K or 8K video to play.

  1. The transmission port

Traditional signal transmission port is HDMI, but since there has already been all-feature Type-C port, transmitting and charging in one, so if you get one transmitter with OTG port can be more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it necessary to get one transmitter?

A1. It depends on your needs. If you don’t have needs like projection on patio, basement or other places near the TV, then transmission by HDMI cable can do.

Q2. Can the signal really go through walls?

A2. Technically, if your walls or floors are not constructed in nonporous materials (e.g. brick, plaster, cement, metal, stone or double-glazed glass), then the signal can go through.


The transmitter can be very convenient, all the messy cables can be get rid of, when you get one. But for some reasons, the signals can keep in a very steady level. So when you pick one, you need to be very careful about the specification of transmission rate, band and distance. Hope one day it could be real wireless.

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