Nurses of today need to be trained in a variety of disciplines as they have a multidisciplinary role, keeping in view their significance and importance in current health care. Nurses not only have to deal with patients, but they also need to inform and update the physicians and the family of the patient about their condition. Moreover, they need to educate and empower patients also to learn self-care and able to become self-dependent as soon as they are discharged from hospitals.


Nowadays, nurses are not only involved in providing effective services, but they also need to improve their education and to learn about different kinds of roles and leadership positions, so that they can advocate and support the profession of nursing on different platforms. The nurses are learning towards bsn to msn online program in which they are effectively learning various skills of nursing to become an efficient and effective healer.

The Master of Science in Nursing provides the nurses with effective skills of screening, diagnosing, and providing care to several patients suffering from stroke, Injuries, Mental illness, along with any kind of disability in which they need advanced and individualized care. It is carried out so that the patient can become self-empowered and self-sufficient for leading a healthy life.

Significant Areas and Skills needed for Nurses

There are various basic as well as advanced skills and areas where the nurses of today need to work on to deliver the best of care to their patients as well as improving their profession with continuous learning and development.

Empathy and Compassion

As nurses need to deal with extremely vulnerable and suffering humans, therefore they need to understand the condition of the patient empathetically as it is crucial for the healing process. The nurses are considered to have a noble profession for helping and assisting the patients to recover from their illness, therefore sometimes patients are not willing and cooperating towards their treatment process, or they become cynical about their condition. During this time, the nurses need to deal with them empathetically and with compassion so they may become cooperative and compliant towards taking medication, and hence healing process can be improved significantly.

Effective communication

Communication is the heart of the healing process. Whether it is the communication over the changes of shift with other nurses, with the physicians or with the patients, the nurses need to have effective communication skills so that they can communicate effectively with the people. Moreover, the role of nursing is as a bridge between the patients and their families, so the families need to know the condition of their loved one. Hence, they need to inform every important detail of the patient’s health so that they can get informed about their patient’s health.

Time management

Time management is the key to success in any profession nowadays. From the timely delivery of medication to the presence of the nurse on time at shift changing, effective time management is crucial for the nurses to lead and succeed in their roles as effective carers in the modern health care. Moreover, as they are the ones who are having close contact with the patient during the time of medication or infusion, therefore, they need to ensure the timely delivery of the medication, which is possible only through effective time management.

Delivering Individualized Patient Care

The nurses of today need to deliver individualized patient care to the patients as every patient has some unique ability to heal; therefore, as nurses, we must understand that our patients need extra and personalized attention. Every patient is not able to respond similarly, nor can they express their needs and desires in the same fashion. Therefore today’s nurses need to teach critical thinking and observation skills to learn effective strategies for providing effective and individualized patient care to their patients.

Empowering towards self-care

Patient care has become significantly advanced during the last few decades. Therefore the nurses need to not only care for patients but also make them enable to learn self-care along with encouraging them to live their life to their fullest by believing in their potential. A person who is dependent upon others is prone to have low self-esteem and less energetic towards their healing process, and they might not feel able to become independent again. But as primary and effective health care providers, nurses need to motivate and encourage the patient through the shared decision making and positive communication with the patient so that their low esteem can be changed toward self-empowerment and confidence.

Advocating for their rights

Nurses of today need to educate and improve their roles, not primarily as carers. Still, they also need to educate and influence the system of health care and government authorities about their effective needs and rights as a distinct profession. The nurses need to understand their basic rights, and they must educate themselves about how to advocate about these rights at various platforms. Various Nursing agencies and organizations such as American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) provides effective resources and regulations about the effective role of nursing in today’s health care and how the services of the nursing profession are integral to the process of providing care towards the patients.

Leadership roles

Nurses need to work effectively in several social and philosophical disciplines along with management areas to empower themselves towards leadership positions. It is essential for the nurses, along with providing effective primary care to the patients to empower themselves with continuous learning and development in various disciplines of leadership and management so that they can promote effective advancement in their roles. The procedures are followed not only by a primary health care provider but also as a respectable and dignified professional.

Continuous learning

This is understood as crucial nowadays for every profession. Nurses also need to learn and educate themselves continuously to get updated with the novel and modern kinds of treatment and healing procedures as well as educating themselves through constant education. This continuous learning is not only related to traditional learning from books or institutions, but this can happen anywhere from attending seminars to taking various lectures and certificate programs that are offered online so that they can learn from their own pace and comfort. This is essential for the nurses so that they can effectively update themselves with all the modern and latest kinds of treatment and healing procedures.


Therefore it can be concluded that the nursing profession has become significantly advanced during the last few decades; therefore, there are multiple disciplines and areas where the nurses need to improve themselves to get along with the current requirements and needs of this profession. With the above-given areas and skills such as empathy, compassion, time management, continuous learning, and critical thinking, nurses can gear themselves with various effective skills and expertise through which the health care delivery can become efficient and advanced. Moreover, they need to advocate and learn about their rights and privileges so that they can effectively advocate for their rights, whenever they come across any kind of inequality and injustice with their profession as well as dignity.

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