The upcoming spring season is the perfect time for a décor upgrade. And since it’s not yet the season for enjoying relaxing vacations and lounging on the best beaches, give your mood a boost by revitalizing your home first. The best way to welcome spring: with calming, tranquil spaces, ideal for rest, meditation, lounging and sleeping, full of light, texture and soft hues. From choosing the perfect color palette to delighting your senses, here are five great tips on how to create a serene space in your home.

Let Natural Light in

The right ambiance starts with the right kind of light. And if serenity is your priority, said light should come from a natural source.

Natural light is transformative, giving life and feeling to a space, whether that’s a bedroom, a living-room or, why not, a powder room.

Large windows, preferably on multiple walls are ideal when welcoming natural light into your space, but your choice of window treatments is equally important.

Forgo heavy blackout curtains or dark wood louvres – instead, opt for white, airy and lightweight curtains that let the light come through.

Organize and Declutter

Minimalist lines that lack clutter and extensive collections of trinkets are ultimately serene – and you too can achieve the look by perfecting your organization skills.

Start with the perfect balance of closed and open storage and make sure both are used to their full potential. Forgo opting for furniture pieces that lack in functionality and instead, choose items that serve a double purpose: aesthetical appeal and practicality.

Minimalism can easily fall into rigidity and coldness – and you’ll be avoiding that with the right color palette and the addition of texture for extra coziness and warmth.

Choose a Tranquil Color Palette

Aim for a calming and inviting space that calls for relaxation when designing with serenity in mind.

To do so, resume your color palette to welcoming, soothing tones, starting with neutrals and ending with mildly desaturated blues.

The easiest way to incorporate serene colors into your space is by finding your inspiration in nature – whether that’s the color of sand, the hue of the ocean, the colors of fall foliage, the shade and the texture of natural stone or the iridescence of freshwater pearls.

A bright, bold fuchsia wall might be fun to look at, but vibrant shades usually serve a different purpose: to give you an energy boost instead of calmness and tranquility.

Add Cozy Layers

A welcoming space starts and ends with texture. Think layers, coziness and comfort above all. Maintaining a muted and soothing color palette, layer different natural fabrics on your furniture, floors and walls.

A textured rug, throw pillows and blankets, drapes and cushions – preferably in natural materials.

For a minimalist look, keep them streamlined and simple – but for a touch of bohemian appeal, include pompoms, tassels and more texture into the mix.

Delight the Senses

A successful serene space is more than just smart design, comfort and layers – it’s all about delighting all your senses.

As most realtors know, the impact of a beautiful home fragrance can’t be ignored – and that’s precisely why an upgrade of your serene space with a spa-like ambiance should be a priority.

Select your favorite mix of essential oils and opt for a diffuser that can serve a double purpose: chic décor and an inviting aromatherapy session destined for the ultimate relaxation. The vast majority of the 2020 interior design trends all gravitate towards the idea of home as a sanctuary – a sanctuary designed to please all senses; a true oasis of light and comfort.


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