If your kids are itching to join the 66% of American families who own a pet, the pressure is on!

Once kids know what they want, it’s hard to get them to change their minds. The good news is, pets are a great way to teach your kids responsibility.

The bad news? Some pets are a little too much responsibility for our little ones.

good pets for kids

Read on to find out which 5 animals make good pets for kids!

  1. Cats

Cats are probably the highest maintenance pets on our list but only because you may have to cat-proof your home before adoption. Otherwise, cats are pretty easy! Feed them, scoop their litter box, and show them love when they want it!

  1. Fish

On the flipside, fish are very low-maintenance. If you want a lot of them, you may find the upfront fee for a big, self-cleaning tank with a duetto submersible power filter  to be a bit steep. After that, however, your kids will only have to feed them once a day, if that!

  1. Rats

If rats give you the creeps, you’ve probably never met a pet rat before! Rats are clean, intelligent, and very friendly. You might even say they’re the dogs of the rodent world!

As long as your kids handle their rats every day, the bond they develop will be strong. Socialized rats can learn tricks and love to snuggle. In return, your kids will be responsible for daily feeding and weekly cage cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs aren’t quite as simple as they may seem, given that they’re often sold on boardwalks for a few dollars a pop. They actually need a large, heat-controlled tank and it’s important that you get at least two. In spite of their name, hermit crabs prefer to exist in colonies!

As long as their tank is in order, hermit crabs don’t need much more than regular feeding. Your kids will love to see them grow and change shells!

  1. Turtles

Like fish and hermit crabs, the biggest downside of a turtle is the setup. They often need several-gallon tanks, depending on the size and quantity of turtles you have. There’s a common myth that turtles grow to fit their tanks but in reality, turtles will grow until they reach their full adult size even if that means outgrowing their tank.

Turtles are sort of like a step up from fish. They’re not particularly cuddly, but you can hold them and they have a little more personality. Some turtles even learn simple tricks if they’re worked with enough!

Good Pets for Kids Are Good Pets for You

As a parent, it’s important that you take your own desires into account before you adopt an animal. If you adopt something that requires a lot of work, there’s a good chance that responsibility will fall to you when your kids lose interest. Good pets for kids are the ones that don’t need constant attention!

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