Repurpose Old Flowers

Nothing can look more attractive and relaxing than having bouquets of flowers or flower arrangements on the table. The natural scent of the flowers, as well as the color combinations of flowers, makes the emotion become happier and positive. But what will you do if flowers begin to wilt? As suggested a local flower shop, if you want to preserve your flowers, here are 10 new ways on how to repurpose old flowers in order to keep them for a long period of time:

Repurpose Old Flowers

How To Repurpose Old Flowers

  • Keep the Flowers in a Frame

One way to preserve the flowers, instead of throwing them, is to keep them in a frame. Dried flowers will look nice and interesting when kept in a chic frame. If someone special gave you a bouquet of flowers, you will never want to throw them in the garbage. This idea is your best move, and it is so easy to do.

  • Use the Flowers to Make Potpourri

Potpourris are made from dried flowers, most commonly Roses, with sweet scent. Flowers are usually left to dry naturally under sunlight. On the other hand, there are people now who also use oven and electrical devices to dry old flowers for potpourri making. In addition, those who make potpourris using old flowers also add a few slices or drops of citrus extracts or essential oils to the petals of flowers to make the scent more noticeable. It can be done at home through simple DIY procedures.

  • Use Flowers as Clothes Freshener

Old flowers can be kept in a mesh satchel to be placed in a drawer or cabinet for clothes freshener. Instead of throwing the wilted bouquet of Roses that you treasured for a week in your flower vase, take the petals off from the stems and repurpose them as freshener for the cabinet. You can hang the satchels or simply put them in the drawer. Naturally scented flowers will still bring out the scent even when dried.

  • Dry Flowers and Use them as Home Decoration

Your bouquet of Baby’s Breath can be a perfect home decoration even when you choose to dry them. A bouquet of flowers for home decorations does not have to be fresh and alive to be beautiful. In addition, you don’t even have to keep them in full bouquet because a few stem will look good in a small flower vase on top of the table. All you need is to ensure that the flowers are still intact and attached to the stem.

  • Make a Rose Petal Soap

A few petals on the soap look very fabulous. You can have the soap adorned with colorful Rose petals. More than that, you can have the soap mixed with essential oils and natural scents for a relaxing experience. Doing soap with Rose petals is an easy DIY that you can do at home. Even little kids will love doing this project.

  • Make a Bath Salt with Flowers

You can mix dried flowers of Roses and Lavenders to a bath salt and indulge in a relaxing bath. You can even mix it with essential oils to bring out that distinct smell of flowers. It is best to make more of these so that you have more to use in the next days or weeks. Instead of allowing the beautiful flowers to go into the bin, recycle them for bath salt for pleasurable relaxation.

  • Make Scented Candles

Scented candles have the scent of flowers, most commonly Roses, Lavenders, and Sweet Peas. Candles are easy to do, even a simple DIY procedure online is easy to follow. The best thing with scented candles is that there are wide varieties of naturally scented flowers that can be dried to add to candles. Aside from the essential oils that are naturally scented, flowers are among the main ingredients when making candles with unique scent.

  • Create Personalized Cards

Flowers that are already worn and wilted can be used as the object for any personalized cards. Instead of drawing images using crayons, pens, and oil pastel colors, why not use real but dry flowers to express your emotions or to convey your greetings to a celebrant. Flowers that are old and wilted are perfect for adding texture, color, and style to a personalized card no matter what the occasion is. If you are planning to greet someone today who is celebrating birthday or anniversary, take advantage of the old flowers.

  • Make Your Own Fragrant Lip Balm

You can make your own version of Rose or Lavender lip balm with dried flowers. Lip balm is a great choice for lip care and protection. If you want your lip balm to be unique and personalized, add your favorite flowers to it. You can use beeswax, honey, coconut oil, olive oil, vanilla extract, and some dried flowers of your choice to create a lip balm. Check the internet for the exact amount of ingredients to add in order to formulate the mixture for the lip balm.

  • Keep the Blooms for Keepsake Purposes

If you want to treasure the flowers for a long period of time, you can have the blooms stored in between pages or leaves of notebooks or old books. The petals of flowers will easily dry out when placed in paper. Your notebooks and books will smell like the flowers.

There are many ways to enjoy the flowers no matter if they are fresh and colorful or they are already wilted.

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