Will antennas work on Old TVs

When it comes to analog TVs – you’ll be surprised to learn that antennas can work on old TV sets. It depends more on the make, and the year it was manufactured. Assuming it is an analog television, you will need to get a DTV converter.

Will antennas work on Old TVs

Using an old analog TV set

When it comes to an old TV, you can still use the same to receive digital transmissions. All you would need is a DTV converter, and place it between the TV and the antenna

Now, the DTV converter box should transform the incoming DTV transmissions and help modulate the signals, enabling you to view the same on your old TV. Remember, you will have to watch the same, in the old analog format rather than how you used to see the same on Digital TV sets. 

What happens if your cable company does not provide an analog output signal?

Seeing that you are planning to use your old analog TV again, that’s a valid question. And the only way you could use your old analog TV is if your cable company provided you with an analog TV signal, that you could hook up to your old TV. But there’s a catch.

Not all cable companies provide you with a “ready-to-use” analog output. In this case, you would need to purchase a DTV converter. It resembles a small box and is fairly easy to handle. You would need to attach your cable TV to the box and the old analog TV to the other end. Now, you should be able to view all your latest favorite programs on your old Analog TV.

Why is it a big deal?

Well, watching the latest digitally formatted TV signals on your old Analog TV sets is a big deal. For one, your old TV will only show the signals in the analog format. So, if you were hoping to watch the latest digitized signals, with sharp clarity and sound on your old analog, you are bound to be disappointed. 

And remember, one of the drawbacks of old analog TV sets was that you had to change the channel and the requisite band, to get the right channel. Whereas with Digital TV sets, it’s all automated where you get to change channels with the flick of a button. 

But on the plus side, you can modify your old analog TV so that you can use your digital TV remote on the analog set. Remember the Universal TV remote – well, the same principle and you should be able to use the digital TV remote on the analog TV with ease.

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VCR, DVD recorders, and Analog TVS:

If you are planning to use your old VCR and DVD recorders to record some digitized programming and play it later on your Analog TV – then read on. The process is more or less the same. Here, you attach the recorder to the DTV converter and the other end to the cable. 

Once they are lined up perfectly, you can go ahead and switch them on. Now, you can record the digital programs in your old DVD or VCR players, and play them later on your old Analog TV. 


One of the drawbacks of owning and operating an old Analog TV set is the fact it is maintenance heavy. Simply put, it may be a tad expensive just to maintain it in prime condition. Remember even an ordinary repair or tweak, can set you back by hundreds of dollars.

And that is why it makes better sense to go for the latest mode of TV sets rather than just hog your old one. 

Better TV viewing experience:

When it comes to the query, which is better  – the old Analog TV set or the new Digital TV set? The answer is an obvious one – the digital TV is a lot better as it is quite easy to handle. Moreover, it is not heavy nor does it cost a lot to repair or tweak.

All things considered, it is a good idea to go in for a digital TV when purchasing one. Moreover, the new TV sets – the digital ones come with a long warranty, from one year to three years. And yes, antennas along with cables will work on old TVs as long as you go the extra mile to ensure that the analog TV is in prime working condition. 

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