Which Husky Mix Is The Perfect Pet For You

Should You Adopt a Husky Mix?

If you’re a dog owner or thinking about adopting a new four-legged family member, you’re probably trying to find as much info as you can on your little pooch. It’s the only responsible thing to do—if you’re dealing with an entirely different species, you’d better know how to form a good relationship with it and take care of its needs. TheDogDigest can help you with this, as it provides comprehensive guides on different breeds, mixed breeds, food options, training and grooming tips, and much, much more.

Which Husky Mix Is The Perfect Pet For You

Do breeds really matter?

The short answer is yes; breeds do matter. They determine a lot of your dog’s characteristics and behavior. If you’re about to get a dog, you should know as much as you possibly can about the breed before you bring the pup to its new home.

You should never get a particular breed just because it looks cute or impressive. There are many other factors to include in the decision-making process. Do you have enough space for a St. Bernard dog? Do you have enough time for a Labrador? Is your home a good fit for a Dachshund? If you live in a tropical region, can a Husky be happy there? You need to consider many things before you decide on the perfect breed for you.

The breed influences a dog’s behavior, not just their looks. A Dachshund will dig and bark because that’s what they were born to do. You can’t teach them not to—it’s written in their DNA. A Newfoundland Dog will—out of nowhere—jump into the water because they were bred to help rescue drowning fishermen. Even though today most dogs are kept as companions, all purebred dogs still have a strong drive to fulfill their original purpose. Every dog has a unique personality, true, but knowing the breed can help you take an educated guess regarding their temperament even before they are born. This knowledge can help you find the perfect breed for your family and home and will make it much less likely for you to get overwhelmed and decide to give up on your new four-legged friend.

What should you know about Husky mixed breeds?

Husky is probably one of the most impressive-looking breeds out there. With striking blue eyes and wolf-like appearance, this is the Damon Salvatore of the dog kind.

This breed has an impressive fan-base around the world. And why would it not? It’s unbelievably pretty, and it’s among the more intelligent dog breeds. They’re loyal and fun. Their childish antics are usually highly entertaining (or highly annoying, depending on your patience). They are great with families and friendly toward strangers and other pets, especially other dogs. Considering the history of the breed, it makes perfect sense—these dogs were bred to pull the sleds, and they had to learn to work in teams and trust other dogs. They are incredibly playful and, overall, quite healthy.

There are some downsides to this breed, though. They tend to be stubborn and talk back. If you have a Husky at home, you’ll know that they do actually—literally—talk back. They’ll obey eventually, but you’ll need to be more stubborn than them. Which is not easy. At all.

They like to howl and do it often and loudly. This can be cute, but your neighbors will hate you. Their stubbornness can get in the way of training, so this is not a good dog for first-time owners. The call of the wild is strong in Huskies, so they tend to wander off, make you sick with worry, and come back after a few days.

Many of these negative character traits can be reduced by cross-breeding. If you cross a Husky with a Golden Retriever, you’ll reduce the Husky’s wanderlust. In combination with a Corgi, the Husky will be less stubborn and challenging to train. A Poodle Husky mix sheds less than a regular Husky, but more than an average Poodle. If you combine a Husky with a German Shepherd, the result is a relatively disciplined dog, but with a tendency to get bored quickly.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can decide on the best Husky mix for you. If you can’t find the time to exercise too much, find a combo with a less active and energetic dog. If you don’t have the patience for mouthiness, find a cross of Husky with a more obedient and disciplined breed. Make sure that the pup suits your home and family situation, so you can avoid problems down the road.

Do your homework

If you adore Huskies but want to avoid some of the traits that don’t work well with your lifestyle, adopting a mixed breed puppy is a great way to go. Learn more about different Husky mixed breeds, and decide which one best suits your needs. Visit TheDogDigest to get more info, and once you’ve made your, learn more about the mix you’ll eventually take home.

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