Pennsylvania Governor Requires all Non-Essential Businesses to Close

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has asked that all non-essential bars, stores, and restaurants to temporarily close in an attempt to help slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants and bars would have to limit themselves to being delivery and take-out only. However, businesses that are considered essential for the greater public, including gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies, will be permitted to stay open.

Pennsylvania Governor Requires all Non-Essential Businesses to Close

Previously, the Governor put a limitation on five of the most affected counties in the state: Delaware, Allegheny, Chester, Montgomery, and Bucks. He said that this isn’t a decision that he’s taking lightly, continuing by explaining that he has been advised by health experts to do so. It’s the only way that Pennsylvania can make sure that hospitals don’t go over capacity with patients who are in need. The limitations will be put in place effective midnight tonight.

Who is Included in This List of Non-Essential Businesses?

All businesses considered non-essential would be required to stay closed for at least two weeks. These can include businesses like theaters, hair salons, sports venues, gyms, bars, stores, restaurants, and shopping malls that don’t have grocery stores.

Dennis Davin, DCED Secretary, says that they are committed to keeping everyone who lives in Pennsylvania healthy and safe, which is why they’re taking every precaution necessary. There are newly reported cases of coronavirus every day, which is why more steps need to be taken all the time to stop and prevent the spread.

This is why all non-essential businesses are being asked to close temporarily, as a way to put a dampener on the progression of COVID-19.

The Turnpike Commission made an emergency order beginning at 8 p.m. on Monday night that it would not accept cash at any of the toll booths, and Northampton Counties and Lehigh have just today declared a state of emergency.

This declaration will allow the respective governing bodies to be able to respond to the coronavirus outbreak better. All schools within Pennsylvania will be closed for two weeks, and New Jersey and New York have declared similar limitations, to help combat the spread.

Protecting Ourselves from Financial Instability

We live in both unpredictable and unstable times, where both health and financial stability is unclear. With hundreds of businesses projected to close their doors for the next couple of weeks, it’s not certain how they will fare as the economy teeters on the edge of a recession. Many governing bodies right now are doing everything they can to make sure that people are taken care of financially, but even their resources are limited.

Considering alternative, short-term financial options is inherent in a time where jobs aren’t secure. Options like auto title loans and personal loans are great, quick choices that can be easily set up, and don’t involve the headache that comes with approaching the bank. Another reason why options like this are preferred at this time is that they often come with flexible repayment packages, too. When the future is unstable, and nobody is sure of the economy, taking every precaution is integral.

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