How to Grow Kratom Plants at Home

Kratom is known to be a miraculous product, making thousands of people all over the world fall for it. Because of the enormous demand, the market is flooded with so many vendors online and offline. However, nothing could be better than having fresh kratom instead of buying products from vendors. The only way you could do that would be by growing kratom plants.

How to Grow Kratom Plants at Home

But, can you really grow kratom plants?

Surprisingly, it is possible to grow kratom plants that home. You don’t have to be a professional to grow this miraculous herb. With a few things in mind, you have absolutely nothing to worry.

Before we go deeper into the subject, let’s understand the basics.

Kratom Plant – Basic Information

Kratom, scientifically called Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree to be specific. It is originally from Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Because of this reason, the plants are able to flourish in a tropical environment that has plenty of access to humidity and sunlight.

Kratom trees are known to be evergreen. When they mature, the height of these trees is usually 25 m or 82 ft with their trunks 1 m or 3 ft wide. Kratom leaves are glossy and dark green in colour.

The leaves of mature kratom plants can be 14-20 cm or 5-8 inches long. It is similar to the size of an average hand. Since Green Maeng Da Kratom is a human-made hybrid kratom, it is considered to be the most resistant Kratom plant. Green Maeng Da is known to be the best kratom for euphoria.

Legal Concerns Associated with Growing Kratom

The law of the United States has more to do with kratom usage instead of growing it. It is because growing kratom may not be entirely possible in the climate that the US has to offer. Kratom trees take up a lot of space for growing fully.

If you wish to grow kratom, you should go through your state laws. If it is legal, you can grow it without any problem. However, if it is illegal in your state, it is better not to grow it. You can buy it from any fancy online store, like TheGoldenmonk, like most of the people in the country.

Growing Kratom Plants at Home

It may not be very difficult to grow kratom plants at home, but they can be difficult to propagate. You can do it using cutting or seeds. We can take a look at both approaches.

Seeds :

The flower growing on the kratom trees have pod heads that contain plenty of seeds. You can easily find 50 seeds inside the pod. The quality of these seeds is extremely important to determine whether the tree will thrive in the future.

If you germinate them sooner, the chances of having a kratom tree of your own will be higher.

  • Choosing the Right Seeds

You need extremely fresh seeds for growing kratom plants. You absolutely cannot compromise with the quality of the seeds. Ideally, “FRESH” means a few days fresh.

Because of this reason, you need a trustworthy vendor, one that is known for its reputation in providing high-quality kratom products. You shouldn’t be risking it by buying the seeds from just any vendor.

Many vendors get the seeds from the indigenous farmers from the Southeastern countries. However, there could still be risks involved with them, especially if the seeds are not exactly fresh.

It is also best to get seeds in bulk. Some of the seeds may not germinate, but at least a few of them would because of the probability.

  • Germinating the Seeds

For germinating the seeds, you will have to keep the soil moist and nitrogen-rich. Good drainage is also extremely important because you shouldn’t be flooding the plants as it could easily cause fungus.

When the seeds germinate, you will not require a lot of sunlight. You can keep the seeds in the shade of adult trees. When the seeds start sprouting, make sure that the temperature is warm. Cold or draught are both adverse conditions for kratom plants to grow. You can try creating a greenhouse effect to ensure that the saplings are safe.

With time, your kratom plants will become more resilient and studier. Therefore, you will have to monitor them closely.


Another way in which you could grow kratom plants would be with the help of cuttings. A cutting would be a small part of a live plant and using it for propagation. You can take a twig and place it in moist soil, moss, or water till it starts growing roots. You can cover them with plastic bags for retaining the moisture and heat.

It is a much faster method as compared to growing kratom plants from the seeds. Once you start seeing roots, you can expect to start seeing new leaves pretty soon. Seedlings will take a few years to reach maturity, which is not the same case with cuttings. Farmers use this technique for working on new varieties of the plant.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to choosing which method is better than the other, there is no clear answer. If you are a person who cannot invest a decent amount of effort and time, growing a kratom plant from seeds may not seem worth it. Nevertheless, make sure that you take care of your plants in order for them to thrive the longest.

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