Everything You Need to Know about the Types of Weighing Scales and What They are Used For

Weighing scales are useful in many ways. From weighing your weight to measuring the total weight of some objects such as the grocery packets, it is used for various purposes.

You may have been using a weighing scale for a long time and you want to know about its types and their usage in everyday context.

Everything You Need to Know about the Types of Weighing Scales and What They are Used For

So keep reading this post to learn about the types of weighing scales you’ll find in the market, what they are used for, general FAQs about the weighing scales and more.

Without no more delay, let’s jump into it!

Types of Weighing Scales You’ll find in the Market

Bathroom Scales

A bathroom scale is mainly used to measure a person’s weight. Due to the technological advancements, modern bathroom scale models can project body fat percentage and hydration level in the body.

There are 3 types of bathroom scales you’ll find in the market. They are.

  • Analogue,
  • Digital,
  • And smart bathroom scales.

Counting Scales

Counting scales are generally used to measure several objects that have similar weight.

Let’s say that you have a bundle that has 400 balls in it. You have to keep the bundle on the scale and set the input parameter to the total weight of one ball.

Imagine that one ball weighs 100 grams and the total mass of the bundle is 40000 grams. So the output result will be 400 balls. Since the full weight of the bundle is 40000 grams and one ball’s weight is 100 grams, you’ll get 400 balls as an output result.

Crane Scales

The name itself suggests that the crane scales are for heavy object measurement. A crane scale is mostly used in ships, trains and planes to make sure that the heavy parcels are weighed and moved to the appropriate places. With a crane scale, there won’t be any chance of parcel damage.

You can also notice that crane scales are used in warehouses.

It is used for measuring both the weight of the parcel and the pressure of the crane that lifts and moves the parcel. Nowadays, cargo workers with the help of technologically advanced crane scales are able to monitor the full proceedings of the loading and unloading process of heavy parcels. So if incase anything goes wrong, they are able to rectify the problem immediately.

Postal Scales

A postal scale is most useful in post offices, mailrooms, warehousing package stations and retail parcel departments. Postal scales are used to weigh letters, parcels and mails to determine the delivery charges for them.

They are accurate and make the delivery workers job a lot easier.

These days, you also have digital postal scales which can be used in multiple weighing of postal related applications.

Shipping Scales

Much like the postal scales, shipping scales are used to weigh parcels and other weighing related applications for the postal and courier departments. The shipping scale makes it easier to weigh parcels and other items quickly and accurately.

Vehicle Scales

Vehicle scales are generally used to weigh vehicles of all sizes. They are actually portable and it is the simplest method to obtain the weight of a vehicle quickly and accurately.

You can also use a vehicle scale on multiple surfaces and you will still get accurate weight of a vehicle.

There are 2 types of vehicle scales you’ll come across. They are.

  • Portable vehicle scales.
  • And in-ground vehicle scales.

Truck Scales

The functionality of a truck scale is similar to the vehicle scale. The only difference is that it is used to weigh a much heavier truck.

Truck scales are made of sturdier and strong materials to balance truck weals and they’ll project the truck weight accurately and much more quickly.

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales are used in measuring cooking ingredients to get the amount that needs to be used in a recipe accurately. Mostly, these scales are used to measure dry ingredients.

There are 2 types of kitchen scales you’ll find in the market. They are.

  • Normal kitchen scales.
  • And digital kitchen scales.


We hope that this guide on the types of weighing scales and their functionalities would have provided you a clear roadmap of the types you’ll find in the market and what purposes for which each scale is used for. Everything has become digital and weighing scales are no different.

Weighing scales makes it easier to get the weight of an item accurately. So if you are planning to purchase a weighing scale for your home, keep your needs in mind before buying a particular model.

Want to include your thoughts about this guide? Put them in the comments section below!

FAQs on Weighing Scales

What is a Weighing Scale?

A weighing scale is used to measure the weight of various items from grocery packets to large vehicles. With the help of technology, you’ll find digital weighing scales of all kinds in the market.

What are the Benefits of Using a Weighing Scale?

Here’s a list of benefits you’ll get when you use a weighing scale to measure.

  • Helps you to get the measurement of an item accurately and in quick time.
  • It saves you a lot of time in getting the measurements of a given quantity.
  • Having a weighing scale is the cost effective way to measure the weight of an item.

What are the things you need to look for when purchasing a Weighing Scale for Your Home?

Here’s a list of things you need to look for when purchasing a weighing scale for your home.

  • Check whether the weighing scale is made of durable material.
  • If you are purchasing a digital scale, check whether it has automatic features.
  • Determine your needs and purchase a weighing scale accordingly.
  • Consider the warranty and whether it has skid-proof.
  • Make sure to decide whether you are buying a tabletop or electronic weighing scale.
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