How to have a healthy life balance when studying

Studying to degree, masters or doctorate level is extremely hard work. The popular image of students as carefree and underemployed could not be further from the truth, especially if you are...
Return to the Office Post COVID

Return to the Office Post COVID with Confidence

In March 2020, you went in the blink of an eye from a full-time employee working in a brick and mortar company to a full-time remote worker doing your best to...

Reasons Why You’re Tired All the Time

The idea of being perpetually tired is something that our society has normalized to the point that we often don’t even realize it’s not normal. Being tired all the time diminishes...

4 Best Places to Buy Popcorn Kernels in Bulk

If you are someone who loves popcorn, then you know that you can never have enough popcorn in your house. At the same time, going to the grocery store and buying...

The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Defense and Staying Safe

There is no denying the fact that we live in a scary world. We spend most of our childhood being protected from this knowledge, but eventually we all grow up and...

Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Counselor

Counseling is a highly rewarding job role where you will be responsible for helping people overcome various life challenges. This may include issues such as divorce, substance abuse, grief, and eating...

How Can Smoking Affect Your Breathalyzer Test?

Recent scientific studies have proven that smoking cigarettes can have an extensive impact on blood alcohol levels. Using different smokers' blood samples, the researchers discovered differences comparing results after extended abstinence...

Living A Healthy Lifestyle While Running Your Own Business

Starting and running a business can quickly take up all of your time if you’re not careful. Many people dedicate all their time to their new startup, ignoring their own needs...

Good Health Later in Life: Tips for Older Men

While Americans are living longer than ever, American men are still not living as long as American women are. On average men live to the age of 76, while women tend to live...
5 Best Ways to Help People With Disabilities

5 Best Ways to Help People With Disabilities

There are people in our everyday lives who suffer from some type of disabilities. You can see them in most places, and sometimes, even in your own family circles. And I...

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