10 Easy Habits to Live Longer

One big factor in living a longer life isn’t your genes, but rather what you do in your daily life. If you want to meet Korean male or female individuals in your future, consider the following habits. Never Fully Retire When You Reach That Stage I know some Japanese singles might groan at this amongst … Read more

Side Effects of using an Epi-Pen

Epinephrine autoinjector, also known as an epi-pen is one of the most commonly used medical devices to provide an instant cure and relief to people who suffer severe allergic reactions to food, an insect bite or anything for that matter. Most commonly used to treat an anaphylactic shock, the Epipen, when injected releases a measured … Read more

3 Health Issue that Cause Hair Loss and Their Treatments

Hair loss is a condition characterized by shorter anagen phases and prolonged telogen phases. The disrupted cycle and balance between the phases causes rapid hair loss that in most cases cannot be naturally counteracted or compensated for by the diminished anagen phases. While the causes are versatile, and the times different, the feelings of emotional … Read more