The technology evolution has taken a turn for the better and the future is already here. Gone are the days when you longed for technology portrayed in movies. Start Trek, Star Wars and the James Bond series gave serious tech goals, awesome ideas for smart devices. Innovators and enthusiasts caught the inspiration and did not disappoint us. Video calls, drones, 3D printers are only a few examples of what made to reality.

Inventions and gadgets are like Spectrum deals and promotions, great at making life easier but their utility inside the house is what makes them a need. Fast-growing demand often results in price hikes, especially when the competition is grim or the product is unique.

These smart home devices brought IoT to light and took the world by storm. While the A report shows that the revenue of the smart home market is set to be around $27,747 million and a projected growth rate of 12% per annum should take it to about $43,671 million by the year 2023. The same report share that the average household penetration at the moment is around 33.2% and this number could go as high as 54% by 2023.

Smart homes help reduce stress, electricity consumption which is why homes built after 2000 are 30% larger than the older homes but they only consume 2% more energy. This efficiency is achieved using a combination of both smart and smarter home devices. Following are some of the best smart home devices making lives easier in 2019:

1. Amazon Echo Family

This Alexa powered Amazon speaker is a handy home assistant. It is smart enough to operate as a sole device and you can also set it up with other appliances for convenience. All you need to do is create a smart “recipe” and you are all set to control your devices through your digital assistant. Once set up, speak your command and watch the magic happen. Speak and turn your devices on, off, make calls, change channels, and manage volume and so much more.

Amazon offers numerous models tailored to your varying needs. Connect via Bluetooth and enjoy the new era of ease and comfort.

2. Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Samsung is a huge name in smart appliances. They started off with smartphones, made their way to smart TVs and have now entered the world of smart home devices. SamrtThing Home Monitoring Kit by Samsung includes a central hub, two sensors, a motion sensor, and an outlet that lets you control other plugged-in items. Interestingly you can use this kit with Amazon Echo and Alexa products.

The smart sensors will notify you every time there detect something so you should be ready for notifications sent due to a cat passing by. This is an essential item for you to have if you are looking to go smart.

3. Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Controller Smart Device

Let your universe be controlled by a single remote. Another market giant, Logitech, offers a smart product that will have you drooling for it. The Harmony Elite Remote Controller is actually elite amongst a long-range of similar remotes out there in the market.

Don’t let the looks fool you and be surprised by the options you get. Control all your appliances and gadgets even when you’re away from home. Get the Logitech app and never fear to lose your remote. You will always have a duplicate readily available in your smartphone. Enjoy the freedom as it is compatible with Alexa, iOS and Android devices.

4. Nest Thermostat

Beat the heat with a pinch of energy conservation. Nest Thermostat lets you control your home temperature remotely through your phone or through your voice using your Alexa home assistant. Save on your energy bills and keep your home warm in winters and cool in summers. Coming back home from work or from dinner? Use your Nest app on your phone and toggle the temperatures and enter your heaven at a temperature that suits you best. Or, left in a hurry and forgot to turn the temperature control off? Nest Thermostat to the rescue!

5. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

How many times have you entered your home with your hands full? You got your laptop bag, groceries, keys, and whatnot. This forces you to enter a dark room which can eat away your energy. A smart bulb connected to a home assistant can change all this. All you have to do is open the door and ask your digital home assistant to turn on the light, viola your room is lit and you will no longer be bumping into objects here and there.

Speaking of lights and light bulbs force us to recall a well-known brand, Philips. They too have caught the pace of the world and have introduced the Hue Smart bulbs. Getting one of these gets you to control over lighting without spending a fortune. You will be able to turn your lights off and on, pretty obvious, pair them with your phone and never feel the need to leave the comfort of your bed or your favorite seat on the couch.


The rapid change in technology is changing the way we live. Smarter devices are not only making lives convenient but it is also helping save our planet. Smart devices offer us a chance to preserve our habitat and give a greener better future to generations to come. This exactly why more and more people are turning towards smarter homes. They check all the boxes, convenience, savings, and a better future.


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