Mippin Launch Consumer Press Release PDF

The World Starts ‘Mippin’ Today


Consumer service set to revolutionise getting internet information on a

mobile phone

11th October 2007

Today a new mobile service called ‘Mippin’ is launched by Refresh Mobile, allowing people
to get instant, easy access to thousands of news, blogs, information and lifestyle sites
from the web directly on their mobile phone.

Not only can people access and explore information from the web in a format that’s
specifically designed for their mobile phones’ screens, but Mippin also allows them to rate
and share that content with family, friends and colleagues quickly and easily by email,
SMS and Twitter. It’s also possible to customize Mippin – designing it to suit personal
tastes with ‘Mipplets’ – small applications that are elegant and functional – for quick access
to weather, horoscopes and other personalized information.

Best of all, Mippin is free to both consumers and publishers.

The ‘mobile internet’ is growing exponentially, driven this time around, by consumer generated content. Social sites such as Facebook and Bebo have already changed the nature of the new generation of the PC-based, or fixed, web. So Mippin delivers for the next era of the internet – the power for consumers to capture and enjoy the information – music, entertainment, news and gossip – that they want to see from the web on their
mobile handsets.

Mippin has been in beta testing with a broad group of consumers and industry insiders for
three months now. There has been positive early feedback including that:

• Mippin makes it easier to find, read and share content from the most popular news
and blogs using your mobile internet browser,
• Mippin provides quick access to what other people are reading most during the
day, and
• Let’s you browse and search for what you want quickly by simply entering the URL
of a favourite site.

“We’ve coined a new verb with the launch of our service today,” comments co-founder of
Refresh, Scott Beaumont. “To ‘Mipp’ the web will become synonymous with the ability to
discover, design, update and share your favourite information on your mobile ‘phone. We
are really excited that the whole wide world can start Mippin’ along with us.”

Thousands of publishers have already signed up with Refresh to appear on Mippin.com,
and hundreds more are being added every day. Mippin includes GQ, Maxim, Glamour, OK,
T3, BBC News as well as popular blogs such as Boing Boing, Perez Hilton, TechCrunch and

“It’s absolutely key to our development and adoption by people around the world that we
listen to feedback and adapt the service according to what users want. We will continue
paying attention to all of the Mippin community, who will be telling us what they want to
see most of with our personalisation features and community rating system highlighting
the most popular stories of the day,” concludes Prashant Agarwal, VP of Product
Management at Refresh.

For online publishers and advertisers, Mippin presents a new way to distribute digital
content to millions of mobile phone users globally. Mobile consumers will face less
scrolling, clicking and exploring sites that are poorly configured for the mobile’s small
screen – now they can simply bookmark http://mippin.com in their mobile browser and
it becomes a window to the mobile internet.

About Refresh Mobile

Refresh is the company behind the award-winning Mobizines. The firm is backed by Accel,
where it joins many of today’s best known new technology brands, including Facebook,
RealNetworks, WeeWorld, Brightcove and more.