Top Alternatives To Replace Plex

Plex Media Server is a popular media streaming software service. People all around the world use it for streaming vast content seamlessly using just a single device. Plex was created in 2013 in the United States of America. This powerful software offers a unique interface and allows users to stream programs directly from Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Playstation, HBO Now, Xbox, Sling TV, Starz Streaming, etc. You can download different applications and programs to create single access for your entertainment.


However, you can find a reliable alternative to plex. In this article, you will find a list of similar programs with more or less same features. You will be able to stream live news programs, sporting events, and photos/videos/music files.

Here is the list of the best alternatives to Plex software:


Kodi is known as XBMC. It is an award-winning open-source, cross-platform software which works as a dominant media player and entertainment hub for your digital media. You can use this software free of charge. Kodi is available for various operating-systems/hardware platforms. It features a ten-foot user interface, which is designed as a standard media player. You can use Kodi along with your TV and a remote controller. You will see how it is easy to play/view your favorite videos, audio, podcasts, and other media files. You can use both your local storage or network media storage. Kodi is an essential tool for Android/Linux/Mac OS X/iOS/Windows operating systems. It can run on usual processor architectures.


Emby is a popular platform, which you can use for better organizing your media content. You can spend your time enjoying your favorite content. Using Emby, you will manage your media files into separate displays. This software can easily download metadata/artwork from such sources such as,, etc. Emby can notify you automatically of any kind of server activity, which is based on events and other movements. Emby enables you to share media files and invite friends to enjoy time together. Also, you can limit access to individual users.

JRIver Media Center

JRIver Media Center is another excellent multimedia solution platform, which allows users to organize any kind of media content. You can play your media content in any type of digital devices or operating system. Now, you can use JRIver Media Center on Windows and Mac OS X. Besides, you can build your own media center for better managing media files.


MediaPortal is a reliable media platform, which can quickly transform the private multimedia data that you store on your personal computer. It will be structured as a personalized media solution. The software can run any kind of digital hardware and is able to connect you to other users. It is one of the best solutions to explore the multimedia files on TV directly from your computer.

Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server is a DLNA multimedia platform, which is designed to stream media files of various formats. It works as a multiplatform platform, which is available for smart TVs, PlayStations, different video game consoles, smartphones, DVD & Blu-Ray players, etc. You can use Universal Media Server without paying any fees.


Mezzmo is a DLNA-based multi platform, which is used for streaming media content of various file formats. This software supports streaming of media files to the home-based DLNA/UPnP devices. Use Mezzmo every time you have to deal with HD videos, TV shows, movies, 3D videos, photos, etc.


Plex is excellent software, which many people use, yet you can benefit from these alternative programs. Each program described in this article has its pros and cons. That is why we encourage you to try them all to understand which one suits all your needs.

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