The True Remedial Powers Of The Hemp Flowers


Cannabis has technically been legal since 1996 for medical use. 2012 was the landmark year where Colorado and Washington states legalized recreational marijauna use. In 2019, Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act passed the House, the first federal legalization bill to ever do so.

So it has been good news for the cannabis enthusiasts for the past decade. Now about 13% of Americans consider themselves as frequent users of marijuana. The sudden change in public embrace of cannabis on a national and global level was derived from years of studies that demonstrated the health benefits of cannabis when consumed correctly.

There are many reported benefits of CBD from actual patients collected over the past 3 decades. As a great, non-chemical muscle relaxant, CBD has been recommended for patients with Parkinson’s disease and other chronic pain. Another common use case is for glaucoma patients.

Beyond pain management, CBD has been reported to alleviate seizures and epilepsy, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and even anorexia. While the long-term scientific benefits are still being confirmed, it is undeniable that cannabis users at least feel that their well-being is enhanced by this plant.

Different Types of Cannabis

There are two main strains of cannabis: Indica and Sativas. Indica is associated with body high with relaxed muscles and minds whereas sativas are associated with uplift in energy and desire to socialize. Many prefer to have various hybrids of the two to balance out two opposite effects.

The reason why marijuana was illegal until only recently is because of its Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the chemical that creates the ‘high’ that recreational users love. A high dose of THC brings about paranoia and anxiety.

Hemp Flowers are the fastest growing, most popular Cannabis plants in the U.S. Hemp is a Cannabis sativa strain that was the first one of the Cannabis plants to be turned into functional fibre more than 50,000 years ago.

They are the product of the female hemp plant and contain very low, less than 0.2%, THC level. Thus, pure CBD consumption cannot cause the typical marijuana high we are familiar with. However, due to the fact that THC is not non-existent, CBD has been unfortunately deeply associated and intertwined with the marijuana buds with higher THC. But CBD is where marijuana’s ‘medical’ benefits come from.

There is a huge range of varieties within just hemp flower strains as well. Based on CBD content and aroma, certain strains will be considered more premium and desirable. Some examples are Lifter strain pineapple and lemon zest fragrance and T1 Flower with citrus lavender scent.

The Powers of Hemp Flowers

Thanks to the legalization and wider acceptance of marijuana use, pure CBD providers such as OrganicCBDNugs could also expand and operate more freely. Smoking hemp flowers is a common way to ingest CBD but it won’t get you the marijuana high. You could also extract the CBD from the buds and consume it in oil form.

There are various reports regarding how hemp flowers have helped with pain, illness, and quality of life.

Quitting Smoking

A study indicated that CBD may reduce cigarette craving by 40% amongst smokers. Given the effects of the hemp flower consumption, it is not surprising that a relaxed body could lead to reduced smoking. Once consumed, it produces a warm feeling inside and permeates throughout your body.

Managing High Blood Pressure

It also has been associated with lowering blood pressure. Hemp flowers contain terpenes and myrcene with anti-inflammatory attributes. JCI Insights study conducted on animals showed that CBD had physical effects that would help with high blood pressure. It reduces tensions in the arteries and improves modulation of cardiovascular response to stress or pressure.

Beauty Benefits

In addition to the benefits to both physical and mental health, hemp flowers are rich in vitamins and amino acids that help generate collagen that helps moisturize the skin and prevent wrinkles.

Seizures and Epilepsies

Typical seizure medication doesn’t work well on 30% of those with epilepsy. So they have sought alternative medicine to manage their conditions. CBD has been a popular choice for many and research supports that CBD can help reduce the severity and frequency to a certain extent. As these conditions apply to children, not just adults, moms across the country have opted to extract their own CBD to get the right strain and method of consumption most suitable to their children’s needs.

Recently the FDA approved the Epidiolex, the first CBD epilepsy medicine. Hemp flowers are increasingly being recognized for their medicinal value.

Weight Loss

There are some reports regarding a possible role CBD could play in weight and metabolism management. Lab tests where rats were injected with certain doses of CBD for 12 days indicated notable changes in body weight.

While marijuana is associated with high-induced hunger, CBD is actually more associated with calm-induced curbing of cravings and boosted metabolism.


As long as CBD has been around, one of the most popular use cases has been addressing insomnia. The calming effect of hemp flowers on the body and mind help users fall asleep and stay asleep. 25% of Americans suffer from Insomnia each year and the trend is similar in many other countries.

Neuroprotective Antioxidants

Many support that the CBD is an antioxidant. While our bodies naturally produce antioxidants, they are not enough to neutralize all the malignant effects or other health risks. Rich antioxidants can help prevent strokes, heart attacks, and cancer.

In addition, CBD is a neuroprotective chemical which protects the brain and nerves. Thus, it has potential therapeutic benefit for brain or spinal cord injuries by protecting and restoring cells. While it is undeniable that CBD has significant medical potential in promoting our well-being and addressing various conditions, it is not a guaranteed or well-tested medicine as of today so caution is needed for use.

Finding the Right Hemp Flowers For You

Many providers of pure CBD and hemp flowers are passionate enthusiasts who enjoy educating the buyers and the general public on finding the right hemp flowers that work best for their needs/preferences. They can help you navigate the wide range of CBD strains you could choose from.

If you are a beginner, you should find a retailer hat has a wide range of selections in both CBD strains and methods of consumption (vaping, cream, etc.) so you can explore all your options. All products should come with a QR code that should give you all the required details such as expiration date, ingredients, etc. Especially if you are purchasing CBD for its healing properties, you should consider staying with premium, organic retailers for maximum benefits.


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