In March 2020, you went in the blink of an eye from a full-time employee working in a brick and mortar company to a full-time remote worker doing your best to get your job done online from a makeshift home office.

At first, the at-home work scene was kind of rough, but as the year went on you got into a groove and, truth be told, you liked no longer having to sit in traffic or dealing with co-worker drama.


Last week, your supervisor called to let you know you’ll be returning to the office early next month. While you are somewhat glad to be going back in-person, you admit you are not as confident as you would like about the whole situation.

Fortunately, regaining your self-confidence in the workplace is not an impossible task. By giving these tips a try, you will be back to your fierce self in no time:

1. Be Eager to Learn New Skills

At work, confidence comes in part from knowing you have the knowledge and ability to get things done. In addition to sharpening your current skill set, strive to learn new tasks and take on additional roles at work. If there aren’t any opportunities in-house right now to do this, consider taking online or in-person classes at a local business college. The more you know and the more you know you can handle, the more self-confident you will be.

2. Work on Your Professional Wardrobe

Working from home, you probably got away with a much more casual wardrobe. Now that you are returning to the office, it’s time to get back into more professional clothing. Treat yourself to some new outfits that flatter your figure and make you feel great; this will go a long way in boosting your confidence. To up your work warrior factor even more, consider springing for some new sexy lingerie from a site like 3Wishes to wear under your professional wardrobe. Knowing you have on an amazingly sensual bra and panty set will be your little secret and one that gives you an added oomph throughout the day.

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3. Continue to Stay Safe

The fact that you are back in an office working does not mean you necessarily have to return to pre-COVID social situations. You may understandably feel a little unsure sharing a break room and hugging the co-workers you have not seen in months. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of these things, don’t do them. Be confident in your desire to continue to stay safe. If you’re not comfortable in the crowded break room, head to your car for lunch or better yet, enjoy it outside on a park bench. Bring in sanitizing wipes to keep your personal space clean and if you want to wear a mask while at work, by all means do so. Knowing you are taking the steps you need to stay healthy is very empowering.

4. Focus on What you Do Well

Another effective way to increase your confidence at work is to focus on what you do well. Rather than get caught up in any minor errors, look at the whole picture and how you were able to get an important project done on time. Write down a list of your strengths if you’d like; this will be a tangible reminder of how incredible you are and how lucky the company is to have you on board. And don’t downplay what you managed to accomplish this last year; you successfully navigated sudden at-home work and got through it—that alone is incredible.

You’ve Got This!

Although part of you wishes you could continue to work from home, it will be nice to get back to your old routine. By being ready and willing to learn new things, adding some new items to your workplace wardrobe, reminding yourself on a daily basis how amazing you are, and continuing with safety protocols, your self-confidence will soon be back to 100 percent.


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