Roaring past the sand dunes or a racing track in a brand new SUV is perhaps everyone’s guilty pleasure — special mention of those who are avid racing enthusiasts. Back to back emergency stops and sudden braking can affect your car’s brakes, therefore, contributing to low performance and diminished upkeep. Adversity can hit your ride one day in the form of an accident, which could have been prevented if you had you taken the initiative of checking and replacing your brake kits.

In order to come to a screeching halt whenever desired, your performance car needs an upgrade. Brakes are something that cannot be taken lightly because your life depends on them. However, in order to enjoy a peaceful ride, you need to stop thinking about the pressure you’d have to exert to help your car come to a pitiful stop.

For this purpose, you need a set of brakes that doesn’t cause you trouble even at its maximum usage. Mentioned below is a thorough guide about 7 brake and rotor kits that we think will help your SUV rest even during bumpy rides.

Top 7 Brake Kits For Your SUV

1) Power Stop K5828 Front and Rear Brake Kit

Since Power Stop is one of the leading brands in this sphere, it would be a loss to not mention its brake kit as one of our top examples. The Power Stop K5828 Front and Rear Brake Kit is complete with ceramic brake pads and drilled rotor discs that scream of reliability and optimum functionality.

The ceramic carbon-fiber brake pads are designed to reduce maximum brake noise and are dust-free as well. They can achieve a far better degree of stopping power without accumulating dust or making noises to affect the brake operation. In addition, this kit consists of drilled and slotted rotor discs that are plated with zinc and silver to minimize corrosion or rusting. The drilling of the rotor discs help them cool off even during maximum usage so they function optimally.

The kit also consists of calibrated discs and axels for the front and rear ends, all of which are engineered to promote optimum operations of the brakes. The kit includes a Hi-Temperature Lubricant as well.

Bottom line: It is of high quality and ensures optimum performance in a reasonable price.

2) EBC USR Series

EBC is another non-OEM brake rotor manufacturer that has a brilliant upkeep on its Ultimate Slotted Rotors (USR) series. These rotors are in one piece and are slotted thoroughly for an improved cooling effect. These rotors are, however, paired with an EBC brake pad that provides a much-intended boost in stopping power, ensuring high performance and qualitative operations at all times. The coating on the rotors can chip, and thus, reveal the silver along the edges as well but it still doesn’t affect the quality or the virtual upkeep of the brakes.

Bottom line: Despite being fair priced, highly-engineered rotors have outstanding quality and are well-suited for spirited performance driving scenarios.

3) Brembo UV Coated Brake Rotor

Brembo has earned its reputation in the braking industry due to its high-quality UV-coated rotors. Several automotive brands prefer buying and using Brembo’s rotors, primarily because of the UV protection, but also because they feature highly expensive limited applications. Additionally, Brembo’s UV coated brake rotors are drilled to provide a cooling effect during aggressive driving. These rotors are coated with a rust-resistant UV and pillar-vented finish that allow you to stop your speedy SUV by exerting little pressure.

Bottom line:

Highly expensive brakes but with excellent quality and stopping power.

4) R1 Concepts Complete Brake Kit

The R1 Concepts Complete Brake Kit is ideal for high performance cars that carry a lot of weight. So if you’re driving a jeep or an SUV, then this brake might come in handy with its ceramic brake pads and slotted rotors. The rotors consist of pre-drilled holes and a diamond-shaped slotted surface to provide a cooling effect for a boost in stopping power. The zinc plated ceramic discs help to prevent the brakes from rusting or corroding, thereby boosting stopping power.

Bottom line: Quite reasonably priced and specially made for jeeps and heavier cars.

5) Hawk Performance Sector 27 Rotors

If your SUV’s brakes are getting too hot during towing, then it’s time you go for a brake upgrade – and that too of a brand that is reputed for this very purpose. Cars such as trucks or SUVs that tow regularly require a brake upkeep that doesn’t get hot and aids in high performance without compromising on quality. Similarly, Hawk Performance Sector 27 Rotor is an affordable brake kit that is sold in pairs to facilitate the rear or front ends properly. The slotted and drilled design enables the rotors to cool off during high performance while the zinc-plated coating maximizes durability and resistance to corrosion and rusting.

Bottom line: These rotors have a lot of vehicle applications and are perfect for SUVs and trucks.

6) StopTech Sport Select Rotor

StopTech launched its Sport Select Line that features individual rotors and brakes for selling purposes. For instance, if you require new brakes for the rear ends, then make sure you choose one for both the rear left and rear right wheels, respectively. These rotors are also zinc-plated to prevent brakes from corroding or rusting, and are cross-drilled for maximum cooling effect. StopTech are braking experts. Therefore, their rotors provide high braking performance with improved quality and look for your car.

Bottom line: A trustworthy brand that offers adequately priced rotors to be sold separately for individual wheels.

7) BAER Sport Rotors

Paired and sold at times with BAER Sport brake system upgrades such as calibers and pads, Baer Rotors have managed to provide shiny appearances during racing or high performance driving. Equipped with pre-drilled holes and slots, these rotors ensure to provide you with maximum stopping power due to its cooling effect that’s subpar.

In addition, these rotors are shiny due to a zinc plated coating that provides a rust-inhibitive finish and prevention from corrosion. This expands the longevity of the rotors, ensuring that you don’t regret after replacing the OEM brakes of your high performance car with non-OEM and minimal squealing ones.

Bottom line: Expertly manufactured and engineered rotor brakes for high performance cars and SUVs such as those of Ford etc. They’re, however, expensive but worth the price and upkeep.

Before you make up your mind to buy an SUV, make sure you review different car sales leads to check if the price does justice to your bank account. The upkeep on an SUV requires a constant flow of cash, so before you take the dive and sprint off in your new performance car, make sure you’re ready to commit to the expenditure that comes with the upgrades.


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