3 Ways to modernise your garden in 2019


You’ve got your smart speakers, your mobile phone-controlled heating, and voice-activated lights throughout the home, allowing it to feel like a borderline Starship Enterprise, but what about your garden? It’s rare that the emergent smart tech in the home leaks out into the outdoor section, but there are steps you can take to get it feeling modern and efficient, inviting and illuminating even in the darkest of winter nights.

modernise garden

Take a look at the following short guide, giving you some ideas on how to make your garden more modern, stylish, and resilient as the winter months approach.

Garden tool tech

Spend a lot of time away from your property, or are planning a long holiday? Look at getting yourself an automated sprinkler or irrigation system, to continue watering and maintaining plants on your behalf. You can even invest in systems that connect to the Wi-Fi in your home, allowing you to remotely control your garden like some sort of telepathic Alan Titchmarsh, and giving you suggestions on best practice for your garden on any given day, accounting for weather conditions, temperature etc.

Too lazy or don’t have the time do prim and maintain your garden intently? Perhaps you’re worried about the coming winter’s adverse weather having a negative effect on your garden? Tech also exists that can monitor the soil conditions and required nutrients of a given plant, sending you notifications through your smartphone as-and-when you need it. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your prized flowerbed when out and about.

Being smart with your garden space

In cityscapes and city-centre apartments, many are restricted in space completely, with those living in apartment blocks having to think creatively to get their fair share of green space. Many have potted plants/hanging baskets in their apartments, helping to oxidise the room and promote wellbeing, and in luxury apartment buildings, such as some of the ones offered across Liverpool and Manchester by RW Invest, rooftop gardens are a great, and are a way of enjoying the outdoors and greenery in the city.

Why not take inspiration from city-centre, space savings properties, and try to introduce greenery into and throughout your house? Think of some opportune spots or rooms where you could place/hang decorative plants, and don’t just think on one flat plain outside. Window boxes, or plants/decorations on any balconies you may have can be an excellent addition.

Entertaining in your garden

Having people round to your garden for a get-together, but struggling to pull your speakers or wired Hi-Fi system outside? Wireless, portable speakers can be a perfect party starter.

Are you worried about dodgy weather as the winter months approach, and your devices getting damaged in the rain? Many speakers out there are advertised as splash proof or weatherproof, meaning they should be able to sustain even the most torrential downpour the UK has to offer this fall. Circular speakers also have encompassing, 360-degree sound, meaning that you can place them in the centre of even the largest garden and still fill the space.

As the nights draw darker quicker in the winter, why not also invest in some landscape lighting to illuminate your garden? Dotting about some warm fairy lights along the lawn can really give it an inviting vibe, and there are even solar-powered options, or ones that come on every evening automatically on a timer, helping to modernise the space.


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